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Looking after your carpets and floors

If you have floor coverings included as part of your purchase, you may find these links to the manufacturer’s guides useful to keep them looking their best.


Manufacturer guides

Have a look at the guides below for the manufacturers' advice on maintaining your flooring.

My carpet is rippling, what should I do?

Your carpet may need re-stretching. Contact New Home Customer Care if this is a carpet fitted as part of your purchase package. If not, we recommend you contact your flooring supplier.

There are gaps between my carpet and the skirting, what should I do?

This is normally down to shrinkage of the property, which is a natural occurrence. It is not considered a building defect, however please contact New Home Customer Care if it is excessive.

My vinyl flooring is lifting, what should I do?

Contact New Home Customer Care if the vinyl fitted in your home was part of your purchase. If not, we recommend you contact your flooring supplier.

I have a cracked floor tile, what should I do?

We recommend that you inspect your flooring carefully after you take legal possession of your new home. We would expect any damage to be reported to us within 7 days of legal completion, if reported after then it will unfortunately not covered by your warranty.


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