Your extractor fans

Your home may be fitted with several extractor fans to deal with steam and cooking smells in the kitchen.

Kitchen cooker hoods

The hood above your hob is designed to catch grease and food particles, helping to keep the air in your kitchen clean and free from smells. It may simply be a filter, or it may extract air through the outside wall of your home. You might have one or two filters – either way, they will require a small amount of maintenance.

Cooker Hood

  • If your cooker hood vents air outside then the only part needing regular maintenance is the grill that sits across the face of the hood – a fine mesh through which all the air is sucked and which captures oil and small particles of food.
  • These usually simply unclip and drop down for cleaning. Wash gently with hot, soapy water to remove grease and oil deposits, and replace once completely dry. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if you require further guidance.
  • If your cooker hood vents back into the room, there will also be a charcoal filter that removes strong odours and smoke from the extracted air.
  • This will need to be replaced periodically and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. You should find a manual for your cooker hood in your completion pack.


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