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All about solar panels

Do I own the solar panels on my roof?

Yes if you own a house, no if you are in an apartment block, in which case they belong to the freeholder but will be maintained by the management company.

How do I register my solar panels for a feed-in tariff?

Please contact your energy supplier for guidance, as procedures will vary between companies.

Should I have installation certificates for my solar panels?

Yes, we provide a MCS certificate. MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) is a nationally recognised quality assurance scheme, supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Am I able to fit solar panels to my roof?

  • In addition to any planning permissions and other legal requirements, we’ll also need to give approval for the change.
  • Full details of the proposed change should be issued to our local divisional office, which will advise you further. A consent fee will be applicable to each application.
  • We strongly recommend that your chosen installer is MCS accredited. Their installers are obliged to check the structural integrity and suitability of your roof to withstand the loading from roof mounted panels.
  • Furthermore, you will only be able to register for a feed-in tariff payment if you have a MCS certificate.

Do I need to maintain and service my solar panels?

Yes, to make sure your solar panels continue to work efficiently and to retain your warranty, you must have an annual service in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

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