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External doors French or patio doors and windows

We take their operation for granted, but it is important to ensure your doorways and windows are kept in tip-top condition to keep your home safe and secure.

How do I maintain my external doors?

  • To prolong the life of the hinges and paint finish, regular wiping with a soft cloth along with warm soapy water is recommended.
  • Lubricate door mechanisms with light oil regularly and avoid scratches from rings and keys.
  • To maintain the doors' appearance, they should be painted as part of your normal home decorating. Please do not paint the frame weather strip and make sure the door is completely dry before closing to avoid marking the face of the door.

Why does my front door not require a key to be opened internally?

  • It is a regulation that main entrance doors should allow occupants to exit the home without the use of a key in the event of an emergency.
  • Your main entrance door will include either a shield over the thumb turn lock or a hood over the letter box. This is to help protect against intruders entering your home.

Why can I see daylight around external doors?

  • To be fully sealed the door lock must be fully engaged, this is done by closing the door and lifting the handle as far as it can go, engaging the multiple locking system. There may be resistance due to weather conditions and fit.

My French doors won’t close, why is this?

  • In extremely warm conditions, where doors have been left open for long periods of time, the French doors may expand and become difficult to close. This natural expansion can be reversed by dousing the door in cold water.
  • In some instances, the doors may need adjusting due to natural settlement and regular use. In this case please contact your local New Home Customer Care team.

What are the vents at the top of my window for?

  • These are known as trickle vents, which allow airflow and help to reduce condensation.
  • These should be left open when possible, especially to assist the drying out process of your home.

Door trickle vent

Some of my windows don’t have locks – why is this?

  • These are likely to be fire escape windows, designed to allow an easy exit in the unlikely event of an emergency. They are clearly marked with either a green fire escape label or a green dot on the non-locking handle.
  • These windows open and close in the same way to standard windows but, when released, open wider to allow you to leave the property in the event of an emergency.


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