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2 Bedroom Houses for Sale

At Barratt Homes, we put the needs of homebuyers at the heart of everything we do. Our houses are all about quality and comfort and designed to the highest standards. Browse our wide range of 2 bedroom new build houses and start your home ownership journey today.  
Whether you’re a first-time buyer or want to downsize, these homes are a great opportunity to get on the ladder. They boast modern specifications, maximise space while avoiding clutter, and offer contemporary décor.
Enjoy a flexible terraced home with an open-plan lounge, a spacious rear garden and two airy bedrooms with our Denford. You’ll also benefit from an abundance of natural light thanks to the French doors leading to the garden.
Explore our collection of 2 bedroom new build houses and reserve your dream home with us.

Explore Our 2 Bedroom New Build Houses

The Denford 

Outside view 2 bedroom terrace Denford home


The Kenley

Outside view 2 bedroom terraced Kenley home


Browse Our Range of Barratt Homes

2 bedroom houses from Barratt Homes
We have a great range of homes including 2-4 bedroom houses.

Our Offers to Help Get You Moving

Deposit Unlock

Available to first time buyers and existing homeowners, you could buy with just a 5% deposit. Exclusively available on selected new-build homes.

Help to Sell

If you’re looking to start your next adventure, but are worried about the hassle of moving, we have a range of schemes available to help you sell your existing home.

Key Worker Deposit Contribution

Whether you’re looking to take your first step onto the property ladder, or move into a bigger home, we could help you make your move with our Key Worker Deposit Contribution scheme.

Deposit Boost

If you have a 10% deposit, we could boost it with a further 5% of the purchase price.

Low Deposit Offers

If you have a low deposit, we have a variety of schemes available to help make moving more affordable.

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3 Bedroom Homes

External view of The Hadley


4 Bedroom Homes

Plot 3 The Layton external