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New is... where your family grows

From toddlers to teenagers, having a space in which your family can grow together is so important. That's why we build more than just homes.

A sense of community

There's more to a great home than bricks and mortar. Knowing that you live in a community that is safe and a great place to bring up your children gives you real peace of mind.

Nothing should ever be too far away, so you'll live near local amenities, from shops to schools. Sometimes we even build them into our developments. We also make new places for playing and socialising, so you can get to know your neighbours and make connections within the local community.

Well-lit streets and parks mean you shouldn't have to worry about taking the dog for a walk. We also encourage drivers to keep their speed below 20mph, meaning safer streets for parents and children.

A strong, vibrant community starts with our very first architectural blueprints. But it's only you who can make our plans come to life.

Keeping people safe

We create safe places for you and your family to live, giving you the peace of mind to truly enjoy every part of your home and the community. We design our roads to encourage drivers to maintain a 20mph speed limit making roads safer for every man, woman, child and family pet!

Our technical team also ensure your new homes contribute to your safety, designing locks on windows and doors that keep the house well secured from the outside, but need only a quick turn from the inside for an easy exit in case of emergency. Smoke alarms are hardwired into the homes so you are better looked after at all times.

Volume Control

You may not be able to turn the volume down on a teething baby or a teenage tantrum, but our walls can.

We use high-quality acoustic dampening and sound insulating materials that limit the noisier moments in life, from recorder practice to New Year's Eve parties. That little bit of extra peace and quiet can mean so much, especially if you're starting a new family.

I love it, I love the area, I love the neighbours and everything. It's just really good to live here. BARRATT HOMEOWNER

Let's hear it for playtime

Playtime should be a hoot. It's a chance for kids, big and little, to get out and enjoy some freedom with their friends. So having the space to express themselves, make new friends and use their imaginations is vital.

So, when it comes to green outside space, we like to ensure that there is plenty of it on our developments. In 2016 alone, 521* hectares of land was put back as green spaces or gardens for residents. That’s the equivalent of over 500 football pitches in size.

A question of stuff

Kids equals stuff. And the older they get, the more stuff they seem to need. So the storage options in your new home can really help you keep things tidy, whether it's buggies, scooters or bikes.

The adaptability of our rooms also means you can switch an office into a nursery if a new arrival is on the way.

Some of the features shown may not be available with every Barratt Home or on every Barratt Homes development.

Please speak to a sales adviser for the specific development for details of the features available on the Home.

*Barratt Developments Sustainability Report 2016