Our energy-efficient brand-new homes could ease the impact of rising energy prices, visit here to find out more.

Why buy new?

Read on to find out some of the benefits of buying a new home with Barratt Homes.

Find out why a new home is for you

A place for everything

Your home should fit around your life. That's why we build homes that are smart with space. So whether you're a budding musician or a bookworm, you'll find room for whatever you're passionate about.

Designed around you

Your new home is a blank canvas, ready for you to add your personal touch. We can even give you a little inspiration with our personalisation options.


From the birds and the bees to the shrubs and the trees, we look after the local environment so you can enjoy getting out as much as staying in.

Smart design

Every new home we build has been designed with the future in mind. A little innovation goes a long way to making your home a smart place to live.

New is where the family grows

Built sustainably

As well as creating beautifully designed homes of the highest quality we aim to ensure that our working practices are also efficient and sustainable.

Built to last

There's no feeling like stepping into your new home. And whatever your plans are for tomorrow, we build our homes with a long and happy future in mind.

Where your family grows

From toddlers to teenagers, having a space in which your family can grow together is so important. That's why we build more than just homes.


Whether you're curling up on the sofa or chilling out in your bedroom, your new home will keep you happy all year round. And your lower heating bills should give you a warm glow too.

New is warm