10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

Jul 27, 2022
Getting home ready for Autumn
Whilst we don’t want to wish away the summer, it’s always better to be prepared for when the seasons change. Barratt Homes has put together a list of 10 tips on how to get your home ready for change in seasons.


1. Get your boiler checked 

Boiler checks will cost more in the winter due to an increase in demand. Getting your boiler checked before the autumn not only allows you to avoid the rush, which causes the hike in prices, but also gives you enough time to get the maintenance done before you need it. Checking your boiler seasonally is crucial and could save you thousands. According to, you can save between 20-35% on your energy bills if your boiler needs an upgrade to a more energy efficient one.

2. Do those DIY jobs while the sun is shining

This autumn will be harder than any other because of the cost-of-living crisis. Getting those DIY jobs done while the weather is warm and dry could help to save you money once the colder months are here. Look for holes or cracks in walls and around doors and windows, where the wind or water could come in during the winter. This will help to save money in the long term and make you more comfortable in your home.

3. Check gutters and put away tools  

Sort out the gutters around your house before it's cold and dark. Leaves and debris can build-up in gutters and cause leaks into your home. Also, start to clean and put away garden furniture, so it stays protected over the winter. Don’t forget to put away garden tools to keep them in good condition and to prevent burglars from using them.

4. Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors 

Check the batteries on your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors ready for the new season. You should check these regularly throughout the year, but make sure you have no problems before the winter starts. Check your fireplace is working properly and clean your chimney to ensure that you’re not at risk of a fire starting.

5. Do an autumn big clean   

Set aside a day to deep clean before the summer ends. Clean ovens, microwaves, floors, curtain and blinds. Give your carpets a thorough clean to ensure that any summer bugs are long gone. Going into the autumn with a super clean space will make you happier and ready for the busy build-up to Christmas.  

6. Do smaller jobs often  

After the deep clean, do little jobs weekly, so you’re not overwhelming yourself. Take a room each week and do the smaller jobs within that room. Whether that’s sorting drawers, going through cupboards or organising bookshelves - small and often will see more benefit. 

7. Review security within your home

With darker evenings approaching, it’s a great time to increase your security around your home. Make sure all locks are tightened and get them replaced if necessary. If you can, get CCTV installed as this will keep threats such as burglars away, and cut down bushes or trees to ensure you have a clear view. Install and activate security alarms - some home insurance providers can end up rejecting a claim if the bare minimum is not met.

8. Save money on food and eat in season 

With energy bills expected to rise further in October, cook using seasonable ingredients to bring down the cost. Whether that is seasonal pies, soups, or bakes, batch cook these throughout autumn and freeze the leftovers. This will not only save you money but also saves on food waste, so you’re being more sustainable. 

9. Check your loft and your roof  

Checking your loft insulation and your roof will save you a lot of money before problems arise. A faulty roof can be one of the costliest aspects of your home to repair. Heavy rain and strong winds can damage your roof, so make sure you are checking tiles regularly to avoid bigger problems. While you’re up in the rafters of your house, ensure your loft insulation is deep enough to keep out the winter cold.

10. Keep up-to-date with your insurance cover

 Finally, check what your buildings and contents insurance covers and update it if you have made significant changes, such as bought a new bike or laptop. Also, make sure your buildings insurance covers storm damage, as the UK is experiencing more extreme weather events.


 Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to the safety of our homes. By taking steps now, you’ll enjoy a safe, comfortable winter without any unexpected repair bills.