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5 easy ways to make your house feel cosier

Oct 03, 2019
How to make your home cosier

During the winter months, the weather gets colder and the nights get longer. So making your home welcoming and snug is a must. Discover how to make your house feel cosier and warmer in just 5 simple steps.

1. Layers and textures

Layering up your living room, bedroom or study is a great way of making your house feel warmer, without having to turn the heating up. It's also an inexpensive way of decorating any room. Try using some soft, plush cushions on the sofa for a cosy feel. Or have some blankets draped over the back of a chair for easy access. It also helps to add a rug or two to any room for soft textures underfoot. Even if your room is already carpeted, throwing down a rug can add more style and warmth.

2. Warm lighting

Lighting can change the atmosphere in a room, so getting the right kind is very important. For a cosy feel, choose lighting that has a warm glow, or perhaps install a dimmer. That way you can adjust the lighting to suit your mood. Table lamps are a great way of creating a warm feeling as they can be less harsh than an overhead light. Try only using lamps in the evening to help create a snug and cosy atmosphere.

Also, try dotting a few candles around to help create a warm glow. They're an effective and low cost way of adding atmospheric light to any room.

3. Comfort is key

Comfortable furniture plays a big role in creating a homely feel. A good trick for picking the right furniture is to imagine yourself curled up on it with a good book. If you can't picture yourself doing that, then you may need to keep on searching.

To instantly make yourself feel warmer, change your duvet to a thicker one or add a throw onto your bed. This is an easy way to prepare yourself for colder nights.

Don't be afraid to play around with different styles and sizes as this will give the room more depth and make it more you. Making a home cosy and warm is all about tailoring it to your style and needs, so pick the pieces that make you the most happy.

4. Warm colours

Warm colours instantly make a room feel snug, so create a colour palette before you start decorating. Use colours such as cream, mid to dark yellow, soft green and rich red to instantly warm up your room. The colours can come from anywhere, so don't feel like you have to repaint your entire home. Just by using different coloured cushions, tablecloths, rugs or even lampshades, you can create a cosy room perfect for a cold evening.

5. Personal touches

Making a house a home is all about injecting your personality into it. This is the same for making a room feel comforting. By decorating with things that hold a special meaning to you, they will instantly lift the room and make it welcoming.

Decorate with items that you'll want to see everyday and add things that have sentential value. This could be in the form of family photos, special ornaments or pieces of art. Whatever it is, use it to make your home feel cosy and welcoming.

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