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Are Smart Meters Good?

Mar 19, 2024
Smart Meter
Smart meters are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They can help you save energy, cutting down on utility bills and carbon footprints. If you’re unsure whether a smart meter is right for you, this guide can help. Read on to learn about how they work, their pros and cons and if you’re eligible for one.

What are smart meters?

Smart meters are electronic devices that measure your energy and gas usage. They’re connected to an in-home display showing your usage and its cost. They send the readings to your energy supplier automatically each month.

How do smart meters work?

Once you connect your smart meter to the mains, it’ll start monitoring your energy and gas usage. You’ll find all the information on the in-home display, meaning no surprises when the energy bill arrives. Smart meters don’t use Wi-Fi, so if your internet is down, they’ll continue working.

Are smart meters worth it?

Wondering if smart meters are worth it? The answer is yes! You’ll no longer need to submit your meter readings manually and you can track your gas and electricity usage daily. This means lower utility bills and better energy habits.

Smart meters pros and cons

Here, we’ve gathered some smart meters pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Pros Cons
They’re free.
They may occasionally stop working.
They monitor your energy and gas usage automatically.
Your power needs to be out during installation.
They can help you save money on utility bills.
You may have to change your smart meter when switching suppliers.
They may reduce your carbon footprint.
They work for direct debit and pre-payment customers.

How much do smart meters cost?

Smart meters are free to install. Your energy supplier will recover the costs through your energy bills.

Am I eligible for a smart meter?

If you’re the account holder and pay your energy bills, you’re eligible for a smart meter. It’s not compulsory to have one, but the government’s current roll-out means every household will be offered a smart meter by 2025.

What happens if I already have one?

If you already have a smart meter, you may need to replace it with a newer one by mid-2025. This is because it may no longer meet the UK government’s specifications.

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