The best smart gadgets for a modern home

Sep 07, 2018
The best smart gadgets for a modern home
When it comes to choosing which gadgets to get for your new home, you’ll need to decide between what you want and what you really need. Some smart home tech can completely transform how you live, shop and socialise. Others are just nice to have and are fun to play around with. Here are five of the best smart home gadgets for modern living.
To keep you safe – the Nest Protect  Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are absolutely essential for your home, but too often they go off when they shouldn’t, and the noise is too much to handle. The Nest Protect is a smart sensor that combines traditional smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. It can tell the difference between smoke, steam and carbon monoxide, and it alerts your phone and even sends a warning before the alarm goes off properly.
To keep your life running smoothly – the Amazon Echo There are several different smart devices that do much of the same, but we suggest the Echo. You’ll be connected to your personal assistant, Alexa, who’ll play your favourite playlist while you cook, clarify measurements for you on your recipes, let you know what the weather will be doing, remind you of important appointments and coordinate all your other smart devices in the home. And, when you want to relax you can simply use it as a speaker connecting it to your chosen streaming service.
To keep your home clean – the Dyson 360 Eye  You’ll want your modern home to look clean, stylish and contemporary. But to do that you’ll need to ensure it’s kept clean. Wouldn’t it be great if you can make sure the vacuuming was done whilst you were out? There are plenty of robot vacuum cleaners on the market, but you really can’t look past a Dyson. The 360 Eye can be programmed to work its way methodically around your home, navigating rugs, carpets and corners. As a Dyson it promises superior suction and best of all you can schedule it to clean using the app from your smartphone.
To keep on top of your shopping –  the Samsung Family Hub Multi-Door Fridge Freezer, 550L We’ve all been there. You go to the shop without your list and can’t remember what’s in your fridge or what you need. The Samsung smart fridge has cameras inside that connect direct to your smartphone, so you can make a thorough check of what you’ve got left and make sure you get the right thing. We’ve also all been there when you get home and have no idea what to make with the contents of your fridge.
Again, the smart fridge steps in - through the integrated Recipe App you can search a wide range of recipes all based on what you’ve got in. It even keeps track of your food’s expiry dates. You’ll also find an LED touchscreen where you can flick through each family member’s schedules and leave notes for everything from pack lunches to leftovers. It can be controlled with your voice too, so when you’re making dinner and you’ve got your hands full, you can simply ask it to read out the next step of your recipe.
To get you up in the morning – the Smarter Coffee  Sometimes you just need a fresh cup of coffee to get you up and going in the morning. And there’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. A Smarter Coffee machine will grind your beans and brew you a mug, but you can also set it via the app from the comfort of your own bed, before you go to sleep or as you rise and get ready to face the day.
You can connect it to your Amazon Echo to ensure Alexa knows just what you’re having, and it’s even possible to connect it to a device such as a Fit Bit so you’ll know which mornings to make it a little stronger. Your home life will never be the same with these gadgets in your life.