Driveway ideas for your new build home

Aug 30, 2019
Radleigh Driveway

When it comes to making a good first impression, you’ll want your home’s front to look smart. A welcoming driveway can boost the value of your property which could be a positive thing long-term, should you decide to sell. So here are some driveway ideas for your new build home.

There are countless options available to you when it comes to making over your driveway, so it’s worth visiting a landscaping merchants and walking around their displays to see what appeals to you personally.

In the meantime, read on for our driveway tips and ideas to help you focus on the look you want to achieve.

Natural stone block paving

For an attractive driveway that will be long lasting, natural stone block paving is an excellent choice. Sandstone block paving is available in autumnal colours and can add warmth to your driveway. If you want your block paving to keep its colour for years to come, consider grey natural stone.

If your home is modern and contemporary in style, you could reflect this in the driveway material you choose. Limestone paving in black and deep blue is both eye-catching and makes a statement. Natural stone block paving can be expensive, but it will last.

Manufactured block paving

If you have a tight budget, manufactured block paving is a cheaper alternative to natural stone paving.  For a cobbled effect, try small como blocks as they are great for intricate patterns. They often come in three different sizes and a variety of colours.

If you have a traditional looking property, you may want your driveway to emulate the style of your home. Rustic-looking blocks are available which will give the impression of a weather beaten driveway.

For a contemporary granite look, choose a grey manufactured block that varies in shade – both elegant and easy on the purse strings.

Whether you choose natural or manufactured block paving, it’s best to get it fitted by a professional. A DIY job could be time consuming and the finished driveway might not be fit for purpose.

Gravel driveways

Gravel driveways are common in rural areas but less so in towns and cities. They can be substantially cheaper than other driveway options and there’s lots of choice when it comes to the shape and colour of the gravel you use.

Although gravel is quick to install, make sure to order large bags of gravel as small ones won’t go far. Having a bit of excess gravel spare will helps as you’ll need to maintain your gravel drive as ruts and holes can develop where your car sits.

Gravel can spill out onto the road regularly, so you’ll need to be handy with a brush to keep it on the drive. To minimise any spill, plastic grids shaped like honeycombs can be laid beneath your gravel which will help to stabilise it.

Driveway ideas: think about the bigger picture

When you move into a new home, you have the luxury of a blank canvas so why not get creative and design your very own dream driveway?

Add new paths and steps, and play around with the levels in your front garden for a dramatic effect. Installing lighting that marks out the edges of your driveway can really make a statement.

Choose between solar driveway lights, low voltage lighting or regular electrical current lighting. Ground lights are the most popular type of lights for driveways, but they will need to be put around the perimeter to prevent damage when driving over them.

Designing an entrance can be fun but don’t be afraid to call in the experts and get their opinion on what would work best within your budget. They could offer a solution that you’ve not considered before.

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