Top Tips for Working From Home

Feb 13, 2024
How to make 'working from home' work for you
Transitioning from working in the office to working from home can be daunting. You’ll need to adapt your space for new needs while taking care of your productivity and well-being. Here, we’ve put together some useful tips on how to work from home, from setting up a dedicated workspace to developing an effective routine.

Your workspace

To work from home effectively, the first thing to do is create a dedicated workspace. This will help you become familiar with your new space while avoiding distractions. If you don’t have a spare room, the corner of your bedroom or living room will do.

Below are our top tips to make your workspace look good while serving its purpose.

1. Pick the right furniture

Once you know where your workspace is going to be, you can start measuring it to pick the right furniture. One of the most important things you’ll buy is a chair. We recommend investing in a good-quality office chair, ideally adjustable and with a headrest and lumbar support. Consider textures and colours that complement the rest of your room.

Next is the desk. Many designs are available, but ensure you choose one that is a suitable height for your chair. If you want ample surface space, a corner desk is ideal, while a height-adjustable desk is best if you prefer to work standing up.

2. Think about lighting

Natural light can help you feel positive while keeping you focused and productive. If your workspace benefits from a window, place your desk nearby to make the most of it. If not, we recommend investing in a floor or desk lamp with soft-coloured bulbs.

3. Consider your storage

Decluttering your workspace boosts your productivity while helping you focus. Minimalist home offices have everything hidden from view. If you like this style, consider a desk or an office unit with built-in storage. If you prefer to keep things on display, choose shelves in the same colour scheme as your room.

4. Add a personal touch

Working from home is a great way to let your personality shine. Fun personal touches include hanging photos around your workspace or drinking your morning coffee in a colourful mug. Notice boards, clocks and calendars can all help you manage your time, while pot plants or artwork help make the space your own.

Homeworking routine

Setting up a ‘working from home’ routine is as important as creating a dedicated workspace. Find our top tips below.

5. Create a daily schedule

Creating a schedule that works for you is essential when working from home. Start your day by filling out your ‘to-do’ list, including daily and weekly deadlines, meetings and other tasks. Set personal goals to monitor your progress and feel a sense of accomplishment. Being your own mentor is crucial while homeworking, so ensure you reward yourself every day.

6. Take breaks

Working from home doesn’t mean you need to work all the time. It can be tricky to separate professional and personal life, which is why taking breaks is essential. Include multiple breaks throughout the day and go on a walk at lunch to recharge your batteries.

7. Establish an end-of-day routine

An end-of-day routine can help you unwind and switch off after a busy day. This can include reviewing your next day’s ‘to-do’ list, checking for any upcoming meetings and tidying your workspace.

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