Interior inspiration: Bedroom ideas for couples

Apr 26, 2018
Interior inspiration: Bedroom ideas for couples

As a couple, your bedroom is a place where you can truly relax, leaving behind all the stresses and strains of the day. But how can you achieve your dream bedroom with ease, and without arguments?

Whether you want to create a bedroom with areas for working, relaxing or with areas for storing makeup and clothes, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Use Pinterest to gather inspiration

You should read magazines or visit showrooms, but if you’ve not used it before, you should look at Pinterest. It’s a brilliant resource for budding interior designers. If you’re in need of inspiration, spend some time browsing and create your very own board of ideas for your own bedroom. Share it with your other half, and spend a week or two collectively adding to it, whether that’s ideas for paint colour, wallpaper, furniture or soft furnishings.

Be mindful of each other’s differences

Everyone is different, so while you may love the idea of a minimalist theme or bright accent colours, your other half may not be so keen. Be prepared to compromise on some key decisions, or figure out how you can both get the best of both worlds. For example, you might be able to pair your two favourite colours together - some unlikely colours, such as slate grey and mustard yellow, or tropical green and copper, can work surprisingly well together.

Create a space to call your own

It’s important to have your own space, so make sure there’s a part of the bedroom that’s yours and yours alone. Whether it’s a dressing area or your bedside table, create an area where you can keep your favourite possessions and trinkets, from books to jewellery and ornaments to photography.

Incorporate different textures

A bedroom should be the ultimate place to relax in your home, and one of the most effective ways to bring some romantic decorative touches into your room is by using different fabrics. From velvet throws and silk curtains, to rustic wood tables or shimmering voile drapes, get creative with the use of texture for the ultimate relaxed vibes. 

Celebrate your relationship

Whether it’s your wedding photos, mementoes from shared holidays or prints of your favourite quotes, TV shows and films, be sure to use your bedroom as a place to celebrate everything that makes your relationship unique. A feature wall is a great place to arrange lots of different frames with pictures and art that both of you love. If in doubt, scour your favourite interior design and lifestyle blogs for ideas on how to display your shared treasures!