Interior inspiration: Decorating on a budget

Apr 26, 2018

Most of us have a finite pot of money for decorating our homes, but if your budget is especially strict, then here are some of our top tips for creating maximum design impact on minimal funds.

planning a house build

Embrace DIY

The DIY approach is one of the easiest ways to reduce cost, so scour the internet for video tutorials when it comes to jobs like painting or putting up shelves, and have a go at doing it yourself.More complex jobs like rewiring and plumbing are always best left to the experts, so set aside budget for professionals to come in for specific tasks that could potentially be dangerous.

Call on family and friends to help

Get your nearest and dearest together for a working party to get the painting done as quickly as possible.Simply provide the drinks, some snacks and a musical playlist to get the job done with maximum fun and minimal fuss. Just be prepared to return the favour when your family and friends next move house! 

Get crafty

When decorating your new home, why not try your hand at some handicrafts - even if it’s totally new to you - to save money on more expensive decorative touches.From upcycling old furniture and frames to making your own simple artwork, there are lots of ways to update your interior while unleashing your inner artist.

Forget the paint and furnish instead

Although painting the walls is a quick and relatively cheap way to update an interior, new build houses are already painted and in pristine condition, so you can save some pennies by skipping the painting altogether.Instead, you can focus your budget on furniture and decorative touches such as a new sofa, a pre-loved dining table or framed photographs.

Choose timeless classics

If you’ve got a tight budget, don’t be swept up along by the latest interior design fads and stick to the timeless classics.By keeping it simple with neutral walls and furniture that can be dressed up or down as fashions evolve, you can save money both now and in the longer term.

Go beyond retailers

When shopping for your new home, don’t limit yourself to the usual homeware retailers.By shopping for second hand furniture and decor at car boot sales, charity shops and antique fairs, you’ll not only save the pennies, but your interior will be entirely unique to you.