What to do about low water pressure

If the water is trickling from your taps or showers you may have low water pressure. There are a few main causes. Here are three questions you should ask to help diagnose the problem.

1. Do you live in an apartment?

If you’re on the third floor or above, it’s possible you may experience a lower pressure than your downstairs neighbours on occasion. However, if you experience a sudden drop in water pressure, continue reading.

2. Are your neighbours affected?

If so, you may need to contact your local water supplier.

3. Is the problem the same throughout the house?

In this case, it’s worth checking the pressure in your heating and hot water system.

Alternatively, the problem may be one of the stopcocks used to control the water supply. If you’re not sure where these are, use our handy guide to help you find them, and ensure they are fully open.

If the problem persists, contact your local water supplier, as the issue may be with the supply pipe to your property. The Consumer Council for Water maintains a list of water suppliers, which you may find helpful.


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