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New is... green

From the birds and the bees to the shrubs and the trees, we look after the local environment so you can enjoy getting out as much as staying in.

A happy environment

Taking care of the local environment is a big deal for every one of our developments. We build our homes and communities in a way that takes into account the many plants, birds and other wildlife in the area.

Being green is part of who we are and helping to create places in which you'll love to live. It all starts with our ecologists. They do a thorough study of the area and find out which features they should keep to encourage the local wildlife, such as hedgerows, trees and shrubs.

Walking the dog or having a kickabout with the kids is all part of enjoying where you live. Having a healthy amount of green space is vital to bringing communities together, so we make sure that much of the land on our developments is developed into gardens and communal areas, in 2016 this equated to 521 hectares*.

Your new home has been built with a sustainable future in mind. We make sure that all of our building materials are responsibly sourced and that we recycle 95% of our site waste*.

We create beautifully designed, high quality and energy efficient homes that are built in a sustainable and responsible way.

For more information on how we build sustainable homes, download a copy of our brochure.

Encourage greener living

We aim to ensure that the communities we help to foster are accessible, and well connected. 93% of our developments are within 1km of public transport, 48% of our homes have some form of cycle storage area, and 28% of our developments have initiatives to encourage low carbon alternatives to car use, such as electric vehicle charging points, car clubs, and ‘green travel plans’*.

As well as designing homes you’ll love, we want to make sure the open spaces we create are good for nature and for you. This is why over the last year we planted or retained more than 638,000* trees and shrubs, meaning there are even more habitats for wildlife.

And this isn’t just good for the environment; it is good for your wellbeing too. Psychology studies have shown that living in areas with surrounding green space helps reduce stress levels, and boost mental health in the long term. Meaning you and your family can lead healthier, happier lifestyles.

Keeping that buzz

No one wants to wave goodbye to the Great British honeybee. But if we don't act now, they could die out completely. That's why we've joined the fight to save the British honeybee, by nurturing more bee-friendly plants at our developments.

We have set up a partnership with the British Beekeepers Association and will change the way we landscape open spaces and showhome gardens at 400 developments nationwide.

We will work with the charity on how to encourage bees and give them the food they need.

We will also work with our homeowners to provide help and advice in creating bee-friendly environments.

Giving nature a home

We are passionate about helping our great British wildlife, so we partnered with the RSPB to design outdoor spaces together, which really help nature to thrive. From hedgehog highways to nesting sites for swifts, we want to make our developments as welcoming for nature as we do for our homeowners.

Through our national partnership with the RSPB, the UK’s largest nature conservation charity, we aim to give nature a home too. Did you know that the breeding numbers of swifts in the UK have been plummeting since 1995? As a consequence they are an amber-listed species on the list of Birds of Conservation Concern.

Teaming up with the RSPB means we can implement ways of helping British wildlife into our developments, like installing 900 Swift Bricks into homes in our Kingsbrook development, so the birds will a have safe place to nest. The RSPB supports our ‘Growing with Nature’ guide, which we use to ensure our developments are designed and landscaped in an ecological and nature-friendly way.

Give nature a helping hand

Find out how you can make your garden a place where the local wildlife can flourish.

Moving towards zero

We are on a journey towards all of our homes being Zero Carbon**. That's why we're leading the way in green building.

Our new homes are designed with energy efficiency as a key design consideration. Good levels of insulation, quality construction on-site and high-efficiency heating systems help to cut down carbon emissions and your bills.

When we discover that something works brilliantly, we start applying that thinking to all of our homes. Pioneering developments such as those in Hanham Hall in Bristol and Trumpington Meadows in Cambridge are proof that our new homes can set the benchmark for sustainability for years to come.

Some of the features shown may not be available with every Barratt Home or on every Barratt Homes development .

Please speak to a sales adviser for the specific development for details of the features available on the Home.

It's good to know that we're helping the environment in some way. I feel very passionately about what we have here, and I do promote that...especially where I work! BARRATT HOMEOWNER