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New is... smart design

Every new home we build has been designed with the future in mind. A little innovation goes a long way to making your home a smart place to live.

Thinking ahead

So what is smart design? It's those touches that make your new home more economical, comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

We put a great deal of thought into what works for the way you live now, and the way we'll all be living tomorrow.

We believe that simple innovations can make a big difference, such as taps that use the latest aerated technology to cut water wastage or windows designed to make the best use of daylight.

We've always tried to be one step ahead, finding new ways to make good, smart design an integral part of every home we build.

It's all in the details

You can find a host of details that define our approach to smart design in most of our homes.

Here are just a few of them, from your front door to the top floor:

Thermostatic shower control: Don't worry about the hot water running out – the thermostatic controls mean you'll have constant hot water.

Perfectly placed plug sockets: You won't be struggling with adaptors and extension leads with our plug sockets.

Eaves storage: Our townhouses are fitted with handy eaves storage areas, helping you keep the clutter under control.

I really like the light and the space…it's very modern! I like to think of our home as a grand design house, without the Kevin McCloud price! We're very lucky to live here. BARRATT HOMEOWNER

The future's smarter

The future's smarter

Innovation is at the heart of creating a modern home. We are always looking at new ways to make our homes cutting-edge by researching the latest home technologies.

Our research team is currently exploring Remote Heating Control. This lets you control the heating in your home from a laptop or a smartphone, helping you make sure you're not building up bills on an empty home. Some models will even switch off the heating when you leave your home, using your smartphone's GPS.

Although this technology isn't standard in any Barratt home just yet, we can't deny that we're excited about the possibilities. And that's what building great homes should be about: embracing the future.

A better place to live

Whether it's going green, keeping warm or looking good, we believe that smart design makes every one of our homes a better place to live. That's why we will always keep innovating.

We also think beyond your front door. Smart design is in everything that we do, from making sure we have well-lit and safe outside spaces to how we arrange parking spaces on our developments.

Our diverse range of exterior styles allows you to choose a home with real character. One that's as smart on the outside as it is on the inside.

Some of the features shown may not be available with every Barratt Home or on every Barratt Homes development .

Please speak to a sales adviser for the specific development for details of the features available on the Home.

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