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New is... warm

We create beautifully designed, high quality and energy-efficient homes that are built in a sustainable and responsible way.

Savings on bills of a new home v Victorian home

We use advanced systems and smart technologies which include highly efficient boilers, heat recovery, increased insulation in wall, floor and roofs, to make sure that draughts won't cause the winter chills.

All these simple details will keep your bills down and keep you feeling toasty

In fact, a brand-new home could be up to 57% cheaper to run, meaning you could save up to £1,410 on your bills each year, compared to an updated Victorian equivalent^.

Our double glazed, argon gas filled windows are designed to really capture the sunlight and flood your rooms with light.

They even have a special low-emissive coating that allows heat from the sun into your home and minimises heat escaping. 

We hardly ever need to put the heating on. I don't think I could go back to a house that isn't energy-efficient. BARRATT HOMEOWNER

Smart walls

Our walls use the latest building techniques to keep the heat in and your bills down.

Water efficiency

To reduce water use in your homes we install innovative and water-efficient appliances in all our homes. These enable you to reduce your water consumption compared to a Victorian house by around 24% per person per day without feeling different.

When you move in, we provide you with helpful information about how to make the most of the appliances we provide, along with further advice on how you could live a more sustainable lifestyle, using less water.

Some of the features shown may not be available with every Barratt home or on every Barratt Homes development. Please speak to a Sales Adviser for details of the features available on the home and development you are interested in.

^Source: Annual Household Energy Spend | Zero Carbon Hub