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Home buying truths

Barratt Homes top tips on saving energy within your home

  • Programme your heating. Many new builds come with a programmable room thermostat, but if your home does not have one, consider installing one, as these allow you to control when you want the heat to go on and what temperature you want in your rooms.
  • Keep radiators clear of furniture - it reduces their efficiency.
  • Draw the curtains or blinds at night and use draught-blockers for doors – this helps to reduce heat leakage.
  • Consider living in a new build home, which can be up to 50% more energy efficient than an upgraded Victorian equivalent.
  • If you have a loft, consider insulation. You could save energy by topping it up the thickness of the insulation from 100mm to the recommended 270mm.

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Home buying facts...

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A wise move?

More than 1 in 8 homebuyers decide to buy a home before they even view it*.

Time well spent?

On average, British homebuyers spend only 25 minutes 30 seconds** viewing a potential property before making a decision. With the average UK home costing around £250,000, this decision amounts to approximately £9,804 per minute*** for a home some will own for an entire lifetime.

Main reasons for not spending more time viewing a property

  • 28% didn’t want to put off the vendor by spending too much time there.
  • 27% felt pressured by the estate agent.
  • 25% were uncertain as to how to arrange a further viewing.
  • 21% didn’t want to jeopardise the bid by spending too much time viewing the home.
  • 14% felt pressure from the homeowner/private vendor.
  • 10% lacked the time to spend longer.

More time to decide

A Barratt homebuyer, on the other hand, can view their prospective home as many times as they like and on average spends 120 minutes**** doing so.

* Research carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Barratt Homes, August 2014, among UK 2,000; additional research carried out by SIRC on behalf of Barratt Homes, August 2014, among 2,000 UK adults.
** The national average of 25.5 minutes is the median of the ‘21-30 mins’ which was the highest selected option (18.2%) in response to the question: How long did you spend viewing your home before you bought it (to the nearest minute)?, in a national survey carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Barratt Homes in August 2014, among 2,000 UK adults.
*** ONS 2013 average UK house price is £250,000; decision cost of a new home calculation: average property cost (£250,000) divided by time spent viewing a property (25.5 minutes) = £9,804.
**** Based on the average time spent during c.500 independent mystery shop customers who intended to purchase a Barratt Home before and during reservation 2014.