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How we build great places to live

Our internal Great Places design principles ensure that we design sustainable places for the long-term.

Great places design principles

As the UK's most recommended housebuilder** we are committed to designing sustainable developments that our customers can enjoy for years to come. That's why we developed our 'Great Places' design principles which focus on designing and building pleasant and attractive developments that not only look appealing but that also contribute to the local area.

Through these design principles we ensure that we design sustainable places for the long-term. Aspects included in our designs are:

  • Providing homes that meet local requirements, with no visible difference between tenure types.
  • Designing streets and homes that reflect local natural and historical character.
  • Easy access and transport connections to local employment and amenities.
  • Green space and respect for plant and wildlife, areas for socialising, fostering a sense of community.
  • Streets as safe and secure social spaces with equal priority for walkers, cyclists and motorists at safe speeds.


These principles are aligned to those of Building for Life, a government-endorsed kite mark for quality developments. We hold more Built for Life awards than all other major national housebuilders combined. Built for Life was endorsed in the Housing White Paper, so the government recognises its value. 

Plots 29,28,27, BH, Kingsbrook, Oakfield Village, Broughton, Aylesbury, Barratt David Wilson Homes North Thames

How we build stronger communities

Listening to communities and building the homes they need.

  • Engaging communities through quality consultation.
  • Our recently updated house type range helps us to build quality homes more efficiently and reflect changing customer needs.
  • Building affordable homes (2,707 in 2016).

Protecting and enhancing nature and the environment

  • We create Biodiversity Action Plans for all new sites* encourage use of, and educate customers in how they can give nature a home.
  • Our 'Growing with Nature' guide, developed with RSPB advice, recommends planting and landscaping that improves biodiversity.
  • 73% of developments use above-ground landscaped Sustainable Urban Drainage System solutions.
  • 172 hectares of wildlife habitat, and 521ha of green space created or retained.

DWH David Wilson Homes new show home has a special garden designed for insects and wild animals. Pictured at the Cromwell Heights in Longridge, Preston site

Sustainable transport connections

Dusk Street Scene

  • 93% of homes within 1000m of public transport station, e.g. bus stop or train station
  • 43% of homes with cycle storage

Contributing towards the community

  • 113 local facilities built
  • £412m contibution to local communities, such as section 106+ or equivalent agreements
  • £603,776 donated towards charitable causes.





All data is from reporting period 1st July 2015-30th June 2016

*Without prior planning permission

+Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act (1990) allows for agreements between local authorities and developers as part of a planning agreement to invest in local services and infrastructure.  

**Based upon customer survey satisfaction results published by the HBF in the 2016/17 survey year where 8,783 Barratt Developments PLC group customer responses were considered. This sample size was more than any other developer for the 5th successive survey year.

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