5 ways to make your new build feel like home

May 11, 2018
Make your new build feel like home

If you’re buying a new build home, you may be wondering how to turn a house into a place that feels like your own. There are plenty of ways to do so, for example you can introduce your own style and personality. Here are five of our favourite tips to make your new build feel like home.

1. Think about what ‘homely’ means to you

A sense of home varies from person to person, so spend some time thinking about what you’re looking for in a home. Do you like the sleek and modern look, or prefer a cosy cottage feel? Think about the spaces you feel most ‘at home’. Whether it's your favourite cafe or your grandmother’s living room, take inspiration from these spaces. You could also look on Pinterest and Instagram for home decor tips.

2. Play about with rooms

When you move into a new build home, don’t be afraid to experiment with the way you organise the rooms. You may be surprised by how the placement of a rug or piece of furniture can transform a space. Consider using rooms differently to how they are shown on the floor plan. For example, a formal dining room might make a great playroom or snug.

3. Think about colour schemes

A new build home is prime for decorating, without any of the hassle you may have with an older house. One of the simplest ways to inject your own style and taste into a new house is with a new colour scheme. Consider a fancy feature wall, statement colours or modern monotone.
However, remember to wait at least 12 months after your home is built, to put any additional paint or paper on the walls. This allows time for the walls to breathe and dry out naturally.

4. Include personal effects

Nothing says ‘homely’ quite like personal effects, such as familiar photos and pictures. Display your own artwork, images of your wedding day, or precious family photographs. You could even create an art wall, featuring a mix of prints and photos.

5. Embrace the art of ‘hygge’

One of the biggest interior design movements of recent times has been the mainstream use of ‘hygge’. This Danish term is used to describe a feeling of cosiness and warmth. To create hygge in your home, light some candles, grab a blanket and pour a warm drink. Finally,  invite your nearest and dearest to come and join you in your new, homely space.

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