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The benefits of living in a new build community

Nov 05, 2019
The benefits of living in a new build community

Living in a new build is more than just about it being your ideal home. It's about the life you will build there too. New builds are built as part of a wider development, with many other homes nearby each other. Meaning that there is often a sense of community and togetherness. Here's some of the benefits that come with living in a new build development.

Local amenities

Living close to local amenities is a major benefit of being in a new build. They're often built close to local schools, parks and some developments even have shops built within them. Being close to local amenities means that you can enjoy living in your new home without having to worry about how your children will get to school or where the nearest place to buy groceries is.

Built in a safe environment

With a new build development, you can rest assured knowing that your home is in a safe environment. Well-lit streets and parks mean that you can happily go for an evening stroll without worrying about your safety and others. Many developers, including Barratt Homes, encourage a 20mph speed limit throughout a development, so that the roads are a lot safer for families.

Green spaces for all the family

Being able to step out of your front door and see nature is a valuable thing. That's why Barratt Homes build their houses to encompass nature and green spaces. Children can play, make new friends and express themselves in designated green areas. This is perfect for new families who are looking to live somewhere that has a strong community feel. If there are other families within the area, they are likely to use these spaces too.

A chance to know your neighbours

Modern living often means that we don't always take time to get to know the people who live around us. But with a new build development it provides the perfect opportunity, as you'll all be on the same new build journey and be moving around a similar time. If you're a first-time buyer, chances are there'll be someone just like you in the next house along. Or if you're a family looking for a place to grow, there'll be lots of other families around so your children will have new friends to play with.

Living in a community can have many benefits. You can make lifelong friends and have a sense of support around you. So if you're looking to grow your family or find your first ideal home, search for a Barratt Homes development such as Cwmbran, Bedford & Wiltshire.