Moving Day Checklist

Oct 12, 2023
Moving Day Checklist
Your new home is almost ready; it’s time to get packing! Wondering where to start? We’re here to help. We’ve created a checklist for the days leading to your move date, from booking a removal company to packing efficiently. 

Some things to think about before moving home include the following:

Hire a removal company
Update your address
Redirect your mail 
Pack your belongings
Clean your home
Move in!

1. Hire a removal company

Once you receive your move date, you can contact removal companies to compare quotes. The cost of renting a removal company depends on how many boxes you’re moving, how far and how many people are needed.

If you don’t have many belongings, consider hiring a van and handling the move yourself.

2. Update your address

Updating your address is one of the main things to do before moving house. Inform your utility suppliers and other services beforehand, so they have time to change your information.

Below is a breakdown of where to update your address before you move house.

Utility suppliers

• Electricity
• Gas
• Water
• Phone and broadband
• TV license


• Home insurance
• Life insurance
• Work insurance
• Car insurance
• Pet insurance


• Bank
• Credit card companies
• Investment or brokerage firms
• Loan provider
• Pension provider


• GP
• Other specialists

Local authorities

• Council
• Electoral roll
• Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)


• Employer
• Professional associations (if applicable)
• Clients or customers (if you’re self-employed)
• Schools


• Gyms
• Libraries
• Social clubs

4. Redirect your mail

Notify the Royal Mail of your move so they can redirect your post. You can do this at your local post office or online.

5. Pack your belongings

Now you’ve sorted out the paperwork, you can start packing. It helps to label boxes with the room they belong in so you know where everything goes when you arrive in you’re in your new home. You might also want to highlight whether any box contains heavy, fragile or valuable items.

If you’re supplying your own packing cases and materials, order them in advance to avoid delays.

6. Clean your home

Everything packed? All you need to do now is prepare your home for the new owners. Keep cleaning supplies at hand and check for dust and dirt behind furniture you rarely move.

7. Move in!

The big day is here; some things you may want to do right off the bat include:

• Check utilities are up and running
• Ensure you have the keys to every door (internal and external)
• Find out how the bin collection works

Now take a breath and enjoy your new home!

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