Interior Inspiration: Decorating a small house

May 04, 2018
Interior Inspiration: Decorating a small house

Interior Inspiration: Decorating a small house

If you’re moving to a new home with limited space, you may be struggling for ideas when it comes to the task of decorating. From space-optimising ideas to the importance colour choices, here are some of our top tips for decorating a small house.

1. Opt for light, cool colours

Paint choices and colour schemes can have a big impact on your new home, so make sure you opt for lighter colours that encourage a feeling of space if your house is particularly small.White walls give an art gallery feel to your rooms, while cooler colours such as pale blue and pastel green bring a splash of personality without overpowering.

2. Encourage natural light

Natural light is absolutely crucial for small spaces, so be sure to make the most of it in your new home.Strategically placed mirrors can make narrow rooms feel much wider, while lightweight curtains allow the daylight to flood into the house, instead of blocking it out with heavy blinds and drapes.

3. Use flooring to create the illusion of space

Cleverly laid wooden flooring can create an optical illusion of space, so pay attention to the direction of wood paneling and patterns to reap the benefits.Vertical, horizontal and even diagonally laid floorboards can all work wonders in small rooms depending on shape and dimensions, so consider all the options before getting that flooring laid.

4. Create zones

A great way to maximise space in smaller houses is to create zones within your rooms. Perhaps your living area could have a zone dedicated to reading or writing, separate from the main social space, which surprisingly can make your room feel much larger than it actually is.

5. Embrace vertical space

While your rooms may not be very wide or deep, you still have height to play with when decorating your house.Draw the eye upwards with tall house plants and ornaments, or put up shelving that stretches right the way up to the ceiling for maximum effect.

6. Don’t forget furnishing

If your house is on the smaller side, storage is your best friend.Maximise any space you have – such as under the bed and in the cupboard beneath the stairs – so you can be well-organised. By shedding the clutter, your house will instantly feel bigger.