Interior inspiration: Bedroom ideas for children

Jul 17, 2019
Ideas for childrens bedroom
When it comes to turning a house into a home, getting the bedrooms right is key. Every child deserves a room that’s not just practical but also fun. Let us inspire you with bedroom ideas for your children.

Match their passions

Little ones often have big imaginations, from outer space, dinosaurs and cars, to magic, dolls and superheroes. Why not let their passion be the theme of their bedroom? If you’re worried that they might move onto something new, you can buy wall stickers instead of wallpaper. Stickers can be removed easily without damaging paintwork.

As your children get older, you’ll find that their tastes change and a blank canvas might be a better way to let them express their personality. Posters are perfect because they can be removed or changed when your child begins to grow up.

Inspire them

There are some fantastic wallpaper murals you can buy; how about decorating a feature wall with the view from a football stadium, or covering their ceiling with a cosmic galaxy? There are plenty of ways to capture your little one's imagination. If they’re creatively minded, consider spaces to play with Lego or Duplo. You can also add baseboards to walls, so that they can make their own masterpieces.

Create space for their upcoming achievements. If you’ve got a sports lover, why not frame their tops and memorabilia? This is a great way to remind your children of their successes. Add a cork or magnetic board to their room to display certificates or photographs.

Consider the practicalities

A child’s bedroom is their place to retreat to. A place to sleep as well as to play and express themselves. Storage space is important, so you might want to consider a low cabin bed for storage, or a high sleeper to create a comfy nook to relax in. There are some fantastic, imaginative cabin beds available that look like everything from tree houses to London buses and castles.

Remember, the ways in which your child uses their room may change. Their bedroom will transform from playrooms when they’re younger, to spaces where they can practise their hobbies and homework when they’re older.

Consider that sleepovers with their friends will be on the cards as they grow up too, so make sure there’s a sleeping bag hidden away somewhere. If their friends will be staying over regularly then a bunk bed or high sleeper with a sofa bed underneath can be a good option.

Don’t forget about lighting, especially if you need a study area for them to do their homework or read. Spotlights and desk lamps can create focal points, themed lighting can inspire, and softer, ambient lights can help your children relax in the evenings.

Ask for their opinion

Children can have strong opinions and you don’t want to makeover their room only for them to say it’s babyish or boring. To avoid this, ask them what they’d like their bedroom to look like. You might think they’d want a football or princess themed room only to discover they want something more grown up. A bedroom in a new build home is a chance for them to start from scratch and create the room of their dreams.