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3 wedding list ideas for newly married couples

Apr 16, 2018
3 wedding list ideas for newly married couples
Planning your gift list can be one of the most exciting parts of getting married. It doesn’t require any stress on your part, just an imagination of what you’d really like. Plus, it has the following benefits:
  • It helps attendees decide what to get you and cuts out any second guessing of what you’d like
  • It ensures you actually receive gifts you want or need
So, whether you’d like electrical appliances, some money towards your honeymoon, or the perfect items to complete the look of your home, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. New homeowners

If you’ve just moved into or are buying a new home with your spouse-to-be, your wedding gift list is the ideal way to ensure you’re covered for all your practical essentials when you move in. This could include electrical appliances such as a TV, juicer, coffee maker, a blender, slow cooker, or even an ice-cream maker. The real purpose behind this list is practicality rather than anything too exciting. The best way to set up a list along these lines is through an online retailer or department store like John Lewis for example.

2. Home wish list

The home wish list is where you can start to really think about you. If you’ve got all the practical items you need in the home and your honeymoon is all booked up, consider what you’ve always wanted. It could be anything from the best Japanese knives, Le Creuset pans, a robot vacuum cleaner, fine wines or vintage champagne, a new speaker system, or an aged-old single malt. If you don’t feel like you need anything in the home, it’s time to go wild and put down what you’ve always dreamed of.
Again, the best way to set up a list like this is through a department store or via an online retailer such as Not on the High Street. For any wedding gift list, always remember that there’ll likely be a wide cross section of people in attendance at your wedding, whether family, friends or family friends. It’s therefore always important to have a variety of items to suit different budgets.

3. Honeymoon

This list is all about making the most of the time after the big day. After all, you’ve just forked out to pay for the wedding, but you’ll also want the holiday of a lifetime to follow it too.
Rather than your guests giving you money as a wedding gift, they can contribute an amount towards a specific thing on your trip. To get this practical list just right, you’ll need to include a spread of items with different costs to ensure everyone is able to contribute. It could be a meal out, cocktails before dinner or tickets to a show. You may as well throw some first-class flights on there too – you never know if anyone might actually buy them. The easiest way to create a list like this is through a customised website that allows people to select a gift and contribute.