Barratt London’s top tips for home working

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Apr 15, 2020
Barratt London’s top tips for home working

With the recent increase in people working from home, we have compiled a list of top tips for making the best of your work space in your property.

Working at home comes with many benefits, however there are also a number of challenges to be navigated when moving your office to your own retreat.

We have created a list of useful tips for anyone working from home:

Create the right work space

Getting your work space just right is a crucial part of working from home. You should set up somewhere warm and comfortable with good lighting where you feel you can be productive.

Make sure you have everything you need before you start work for the day, including a good internet connection and access to any communication tools you need to contact colleagues.

A chaotic working environment is the enemy of productivity so get organised and avoid having clutter and mess nearby.

Separate your work and living spaces

Making a clear distinction between the places where you relax and work is vital in preventing your focus from slipping.

Avoid working from bed or the sofa and instead have a dedicated work room or surface that you associate with getting tasks achieved. This will stop lapses in concentration and will make it easier for you to relax once your work is finished.

Be disciplined with your time

Making a schedule will not only help to ensure you stick to your working hours, but will also make sure you give yourself proper break.

With the kitchen nearby, it can be tempting to work through lunch and not take regular breaks when working from home, but studies have shown that taking regular short intervals as well as a lunch break will actually boost productivity.

Planning these pauses in work in advance will help you keep a regular and healthy routine and while giving structure to your working day.

Enjoy your own space while maintaining standards

Working from home means you get to enjoy home comforts. A fully equipped kitchen means lunchtimes can be enjoyed to the full while heating and lighting can be adjusted to suit you.

However, it is important to maintain a sense of starting and ending a working day by getting up and dressed at the same time every morning and not working in the same clothes you slept in.

Staying in pyjamas might seem like a good idea, but sticking to a routine will help you to stay structured and productive throughout every working day.

Set clear goals for yourself

Without being in an office environment and working in the middle of a team, it can be difficult to stay motivated, however making a list of goals at the start of every day will give you something to work towards.

Structure and productivity go hand in hand and achieving regular goals will help you to focus and stay on track.

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