The very best eateries in Covent Garden

Jan 15, 2019
The very best eateries in Covent Garden

Best for romance

Clos Maggiore

If you truly wish to wow a loved one, take them to Clos Maggiore, voted the world’s most romantic restaurant. With candlelit tables, a roaring fire, and forest foliage covering the floors and ceiling, it really is something out of a fairy-tale. The menu boasts an array of decadent French come Italian dishes, along with a wine list to match.

Tip: Book well in advance as it’s hard to get a table.

Best on a budget

Flat Iron

There’s a reason why this rapidly expanding chain always has a queue snaking out the door. Top notch steak, for just £11. How do they do it, you ask? By utilising a lesser known cut of beef, called flat iron. Flat iron steaks are hard to come by because they are tricky to butcher, which is why the restaurant can keep their prices low. In addition to the mouth-watering price, the cut of meat is flavoursome and tender. Good food at a good price has led this chain to become one of London’s most loved steakhouses.

Tip: Try the burgers — one word, delicious.

Best for the whole family


Homeslice is a traditional pizzeria specialising in 20 inch sharing pizzas for £20 – perfect for a family of four. Quantity doesn’t compromise on quality here, with pizza toppings ranging from spiced lamb to kimchi and porcini cream.

Tip: Split the toppings half and half so that you can sample a bit of everything.

Best of the chains

The Ivy

This infamous restaurant gained notoriety in the 90s when celebrities such as the Beckham’s and various royals were frequent visitors. Fast forward to today, and the chain has a series of restaurants across the UK. Having become known for well-priced, quality food amongst decadent interiors – expect main courses for around £20, alongside chandeliers and velvet bar stools. Whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner, visit this restaurant for an eating experience that never disappoints.

Tip: Their gin cocktails highly are sought after – the Orchard G&T has a refreshingly fruity twist.

Best for posh nosh


Frenchie was opened in 2016 by chef, Gregory Marchland, as the sibling to his three other Parisian restaurants, all of which have excellent reviews. The name ‘Frenchie’ is a little deceiving as the food and décor is more modern than one might have guessed. The menu consists of a few carefully put together dishes, created using locally sourced and produced ingredients. The result is small plates, with big flavours. Bon appetit!

Tip: The set menu has exceptional value for money.

Best for small plates

The Barbary

The Barbary offers a fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean tapas dishes, each plate brimming with flavour, richness and spices. From the homemade pastries to the slow-cooked meats – not a single dish disappoints. Prices are very reasonable, ranging from £5 for flatbreads, to £20 for lamb cutlets.

Tip: Take a seat by the bar to watch the chefs work their magic.

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