How to make 'working from home' work for you

Apr 16, 2020
How to make 'working from home' work for you
If you've suddenly found you need to work from home then, like many of us, your hastily put together office could do with some love and attention. These five steps can help you make the most of your space, so you can switch on and off when you need to.

Step 1: Choose your space wisely

You don't need the luxury of a spare room to create a home office. The corner of a room or a hallway landing can easily be converted into a small area to study or work. The key is to think smart and pick a quiet area of your home.

Consider whether you work best by a window or with no distractions – just avoid having your office next to the children's playroom!

Step 2: Pick your furniture carefully

First things first, measure your home office to make sure anything you buy is the right dimensions.

Your chair should be comfortable, offer the right level of support, and ideally be adjustable. Style is important too. Consider textures and colours that complement the rest of your home.

Choose any desk design you like, but check it's a suitable height for your chair. If you want a lot of surface space, a corner desk could be a good option. Or if you'd like to work standing up, pick a height-adjustable desk.

Step 3: Introduce lighting

If your desk isn't by a window, you should invest in a floor or desk lamp. Not only will this add warmth to your room, it'll ease the burden on your eyes when working. Choose soft-coloured bulbs rather than fluorescent lights.

Step 4: Consider your storage

Clearing any clutter from your work space will boost your productivity and focus your mind. Minimalist home offices have everything hidden from view. If you like this style, consider a desk or office units with built-in storage. If you prefer to have things on display, pick shelves which match the colour scheme of your room.

Step 5: Add a personal touch

You're not in the corporate world, you're at home – so let your personality shine. Notice boards, clocks and calendars can all help you manage your time, while pot plants or artwork help make the space your own. If you have a four-legged friend, put a dog bed in the corner.

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