How to maximise space in your apartment

Jan 21, 2020
Maximising Space

No matter the size of your apartment, more storage space always comes in handy. From making the most of unused existing space to finding clever ways to hang and store your belongings, there are plenty of things you can do to free up more room. Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks to help you maximise the space in your apartment.

A clutter-free kitchen

Magnetic strips are a great way to keep your kitchen clutter-free and create more space in your drawers. Use them to hold your knives and utensils to keep your countertop clear. You can also use a magnetic strip and metal canisters to make a convenient spice organiser on the back of a kitchen cabinet door.

Close the door on mess

If you're short on space in your apartment, using the space behind doors to optimise available room is a great way to make the most of what you already have. Simply hang a shoe organiser on the back of the door and use it to store everything from cleaning products to hair products. Alternatively, installing a towel rail on the back on your door is another great space-saving technique.

Put your wheels on the wall

Want to store your bike securely in your home without it getting in the way? A wall-mounted rack is a great solution. Racks enable you to raise your bike off the floor, against a wall and out of your way. There's a huge range to choose from, so you can find one that suits your style and apartment perfectly.

Up your storage game

Make the most of neglected space and install bookshelves that stretch from floor to ceiling. Not only will it look great, but you'll suddenly have loads more space than you thought possible. Ultimately, giving you plenty of room to store all your belongings. Or, installing shelves along the perimeter of your walls - above the door frame. Just another great way to utilise existing unused space.


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