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8 things they don't tell you about moving

Jul 20, 2018
8 things they don't tell you about moving
Once you’ve got the keys for your new home, it will feel like the hard work is done. You took on all the moving to London advice you could get, you found your dream flat, you handled the conveyancing process and you got your mortgage. You probably think it’s all over. Well there’s just one more step to go – moving day. Here are eight things no-one tells you – now you know, it should be a stress-free move.

1. Try not to move on a Friday

Even if you get the keys and can’t wait to move in, try and avoid moving on a Friday – especially if it’s the last Friday in the month. It’s a notoriously busy day for removal companies, which could throw in any number of factors you need to deal with. For an easier move, try and hold back the excitement for a couple of days and move on the Monday.

2. … or at the height of summer

This one may be more difficult to put off, but a moving day in mid-summer will be busy, hot and stressful. It’s likely you’ll have to grin and bear it, but just make sure you don’t pick a Friday too (see point 1).

3. It’s all about organisation

A successful moving day will live or die on your organisation. You’ll need to pack well in advance, do a full inventory of your possessions, know what’s going where in the new place, and have your essentials to hand for the first night.

4. Take care of your precious items

You might think “this way up” stickers on boxes aren’t really that necessary for your prized possessions. They are, so don’t forget them if you want those valuables to be intact later down the line.

5. Question whether you should do it yourself

It might seem easy and straightforward to do it all on your own. Not to mention the potential cost savings you’ll make. But do you want to hire a van yourself? Are you confident manoeuvring a vehicle you may never have driven before?
Do you have the time and energy to do all the moving as well as packing and unpacking? There are different levels of help you can get, from hiring a man in a van to the full removals experience. Decide which one best suits you well in advance and make the right choice.

6. Think about storage for anything you’re not taking

The best way is to be as ruthless as possible when moving, ridding yourself well in advance of anything you don’t really require. If not, you’ll need to look at the potential for putting anything that’s not going with you in storage. Evaluate the costs and feasibility and organise well in advance.

7. Take a survival kit

You simply won’t have the energy to unpack everything immediately after the move. Always pack an easy-to-grab survival kit with all your first-night essentials, including towels, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, and some quick and easy to make food. You may also want to include an emergency first-aid kit, just in case any injuries occur.

8. Don’t do it with the kids or pets

Small children or pets will add extra complexity to moving day. You’ll find things will run much smoother if you leave them with family or friends for the day and pick them up once everything’s sorted. It will be much less stressful. With a little help, the right day, and plenty of organisation, moving day can be a breeze.