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10 factors to help you decide where to live

May 31, 2019
10 factors to help you decide where to live

When thinking about moving home, there are many factors to consider such as location, nearby amenities, and of course, value for money. Here are the top priorities to bear in mind when you decide where to live. 

1. Countryside vs city

The choice between urban and rural living is one of the most important decisions for your next house move. Do you love being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a city? Or do you prefer being surrounded by green space? Weigh up the pros and cons, or opt for a compromise such as a small town or suburb.

2. Transport links

If you’re commuting for work, transport links will be a major priority to help get your work-life balance spot on. Is there a major station or motorway nearby? How long will it take you to get to work, and will it give you enough time at home for some much-needed downtime?

3. Schools

If you have children, you’ll want to find a place to live that has great schools nearby. Check local authority websites or school league tables to discover where the best schools are in a particular location. You can also get information on the catchment areas through your local authority, as well as details of the available transport for pupils. This will help you plan your home search around the most suitable schools.

4. Amenities

The amenities on offer should be high up on your list of priorities when evaluating different locations. Exactly what you need and your preferences will likely depend on your lifestyle, but it’s worthwhile having a list of essentials and a list of nice-to-haves. This could include being in walking distance of a supermarket or a couple of bars and restaurants. If you have kids, you’ll likely be looking for plenty to do in the local area such as parks, green spaces for walks, and kids clubs or local sports teams. A gym close by or on your commute home from work, might also be important.

5. Friends and family

How near – or far – do you want to be from friends and family? Do you like being close enough to visit your family for a weekend dinner? Or do you prefer more occasional visits? If you have children, do you need help from family or friends with school runs?

6. Value for money

Not all places offer the same value for money, so if you’re intent on making the most of your hard-earned pennies, it could be worth looking for an area that’s on the cheaper side of the spectrum. This may mean you have to compromise on when you decide on where to live.

7. Community

If being part of a close-knit community is important to you, research what’s going on in your chosen locations. This could be craft markets, village fetes, festivals or annual Christmas celebrations. You’ll likely find all the information you need through dedicated local websites.

8. Jobs

You could be moving house for a specific job, or planning on job-hunting once you move. If you’re looking for a new role, make sure you research employers in the local area to avoid a long commute.

9. Property type

There are many different styles of homes available today, and at most Barratt Homes developments we have something to suit everyone. So whether you like the idea of a spacious town house, a home with sunny garden or a modern apartment why not visit us to see which style home would suit you better.

10. Investment

If you’re looking to stay in your new home for five years, 10 years or even longer, it’s worth finding out what investment has been made in a local area before you buy. Look out for towns and cities with an exciting influx of new shops, restaurants and facilities, as this could not only increase the value of your home but also enhance your quality of life while living there.

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