5 ways to find the perfect area for your family

Nov 21, 2017
5 ways to find the perfect area for your family
During the planning stage of a house move, it’s always a challenge trying to find a new home that ticks the right boxes for the entire family.
To make the task ahead a little easier, we’ve put together our top house moving tips so you can find an area to live in that everyone will love to call home.

1. Set time aside to talk honestly

Before you start looking at new places to live, sit down with the whole family and communicate openly about what you each want from your next home. Consider everyone who will be impacted by the move, such as children, relatives, extended family, close friends or even colleagues. On a personal level, is it important to have a gym within walking distance? What about schools, shops and restaurants? Give everyone the chance to have their say, and if your children are too young to offer their opinions, think about what will make your life easier as parents and go from there.

2. Plan for the future

Although it’s important to consider the immediate needs of your family, you’ll also need to think about the future. Even if your little one is still in nappies, it’s worth researching local schools to make sure they get a good education when the time comes. If you’re considering expanding your family, you’ll probably want to be within easy reach of baby groups and health facilities, while older children might be thinking about going to university or college nearby.

3.Think about your outgoings

Some areas are more expensive to live in than others, so consider this when you’re looking for a new place to move to with your family. Factor in the cost of living where you are thinking of moving to. If you like dining out and don’t mind commuting, would it be better to buy in a slightly cheaper area? If you’re thinking about relocating to the countryside, have you thought about the additional costs of getting around by car or public transport, rather than having everything you need within walking distance?

4. Find out more about local employers

While you may be relocating for a job, or commuting to your current place of work from your new home, it’s always a good idea to find out more about employers in the local area. If you need a new job or a change of career in the months or years to come, are there promising opportunities nearby?

5. Consider community safety

It’s important to feel safe in your new home, so take your time and find out more about local crime rates before you choose a new area to live in. Check local newspapers, and search neighbourhoods using localised crime maps. It’s also a good idea to do a drive through of the area after-dark, and chat to local people. At Barratt Homes we understand that the quality of our developments has a huge impact on existing and future residents. Through our community engagement program and by listening to residents’ concerns, we are able to support local people and organisations, and ensure the development of healthy communities.