7 Ways a New Build Home Can Save Homeowners Money During the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Apr 11, 2024
Parish Brook Development

1 in 4 buyers now note efficiency as a key consideration when purchasing a house*, with around a quarter (24%) of respondents to a recent HBF survey stating it will be ‘crucial’ to their next home move.

And it’s the sustainable features of a new build which set it apart financially from other properties on the market.

In fact, a brand-new home could be up to 65% cheaper to run, meaning you could save £220 per month on your energy bills, compared to an updated Victorian equivalent**.

7 ways a new build home could save you up to £220 per month.

1: Energy saving from double-glazing

Passively heating your home — or in other words, trapping heat from the sun inside your home — is a major priority in reducing household utility costs. The use of highly thermally efficient, argon-filled double-glazing is therefore standard for any new home.

Modern designs keep heat in and cold out, even during the winter — meaning you and your family can rest assured knowing you have the most cost-effective option on the market. This just might save you money on heating bills as we head towards Christmas.

2: Making a smart choice with smart walls

It may sound peculiar, but even something as foundational as a wall has advanced significantly over recent decades.

Modern wall design technology is significantly more efficient than a 1980s wall, keeping in twice as much warm air in comparison. This is with thanks to innovative, heat-reflecting, low-emissive technology.

When combined, these passive heating designs can save you up to £2,600 on your annual energy bills, depending on the size of your home. Open-plan kitchen/diner in Hesketh with French doors to gardenb

3: Buying with a 5% deposit via the Deposit Unlock scheme

If you’re a first-time buyer looking to begin the exciting journey of purchasing your own home, the 5% Deposit Unlock scheme could help make this process much easier. Using this scheme, you can buy a new home with a 95% low deposit mortgage with competitive interest rates.

And you don’t have to be a first-time buyer — existing homeowners may also be eligible for Deposit Unlock on properties worth up to £750,000.

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4: Making use of Part Exchange and Part Exchange Xtra

If you currently own a home and you’re looking to move elsewhere, you could take advantage of Barratt’s Part Exchange schemes, which make selling your current house easy.


The Part Exchange scheme is a straightforward process — and what’s more, there are no estate agent fees to pay. First, choose your new home. Then, following two evaluations of your existing home, you will be offered a fair price. Once an offer is formally accepted, you can remain in your current home until your new one is ready to be moved into.


Alternatively, you may qualify for Barratt Homes Part Exchange Xtra scheme. Unlike regular Part Exchange, the Part Exchange Xtra scheme allows you to first attempt to sell your home via a paid-for estate agent. If you have no luck selling, Barratt could offer to become the guaranteed buyer. If Barratt sells your home for more than they bought it for? Don’t worry, you’ll receive the difference.

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5: The Key Worker Deposit Contribution Scheme — if you’re eligible

As a thank you for the support key workers provide to our communities, Barratt Homes is offering to contribute to their deposit on a new home.

Key workers range from someone currently working in the NHS, fire department, police department, education, transport, and more.

And for every £25,000 spent on the purchase of a new Barratt home, the housebuilder will contribute £1,000 towards the deposit up to a maximum contribution of £25,000.

Find out whether you qualify via

Exterior view of our 5 bed Lamberton Home

6: Mortgage contribution on selected new builds

If you’re not considered a key worker, don’t fret. The same deal is still available on selected new energy-efficient homes if you move in by the 31st of March 2023, under the mortgage contribution scheme. It should be mentioned that this cannot be used in conjunction with the Key Worker Deposit Contribution scheme. Nonetheless, it could still be a big help towards paying your mortgage, at a time when mortgage interest rates are on the rise.

7: Armed Forces support

Military personnel, including those who have recently retired, can make use of the Barratt Homes’ Armed Forces Deposit Contribution — which provides a 5% deposit contribution up to £15,000. If you’re a retiree, you remain eligible for this scheme for up to 12 months from the date you retired.


Additionally, the Forces Help to Buy deposit loan scheme allows applicants to borrow their 5% deposit from the Ministry of Defence, with the maximum loan amount increasing with rank. These loans are interest free up to 50% of your salary with a maximum loan of £25,000.

Richard Lawson, Sales Director for Barratt Developments South Wales, said:
“Our fabric-first approach to building means that homeowners don’t need to crank-up the heating in their new builds this winter, saving them considerable amounts of money, whilst also being better for the planet.

“We also offer savings to buyers from the very beginning of their journey — from our free mortgage advice service to our deposit contribution schemes — and would encourage anyone who’s looking to buy to consider one of our many new build offers.”

For more information on how Barratt Homes could keep your house warmer for cheaper, visit the website:
**018 Watt a Save HBF campaign Oct 22.pdf