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Connected Homes: The Internet of 11 Things Around the Home

Oct 30, 2018
Connected Homes: The Internet of 11 Things Around the Home
New build homes of the future will have electric car charging points built in as standard and smart technology will put your heating, lighting and security into the phone in your hand. But what can you buy right now to keep up with the trend of connected homes and gadgets? Whether your technology purchase is for fun or a practical use, tech additions can bring a touch of trend-led modernisation to the home, just make sure you have enough plugs and a decent wi-fi connection to keep your connected home online.

Smart fridges

Smart fridges with built-in cameras will let you check what you have or don’t have on the move. Others will scan barcodes and let you know when products are approaching their use-by date. Many leading manufacturers now offer this tech today – and you thought a built-in ice dispenser was fancy!

Smart bins

They can automatically sort out the recyclable from the waste. Bin.E offer a product which has sensors, image recognition and artificial intelligence built-in.

Smart vacuum cleaners

Smart vacuum cleaners are mapping your home and keeping it crumb-free whilst you sleep, work or watch television. From Dyson to iRobot, these little robots will keep your floors spotless and free up your time.

Smart coffee machines

Certainly more advanced than your average Teasmade, smart coffee machines are now wi-fi enabled and smartphone compatible, so you can brew up from the comfort of your bed.

Smart microwaves

Amazon have just unveiled their smart microwave that is powered by their Alexa digital assistant. The microwave can be used to order extra food from Amazon too.

Smart baby monitors

Smart baby monitors from the likes of Phillips have evolved the traditional radio monitor to enable the monitoring of your baby from a visual stand point but also the temperature, humidity and ambient noise levels of the nursery. You can also switch on lullabies and soothing lights in an instant too.

Smart security systems

Ring, Nest and others now let you control your front door, see who’s outside and record CCTV footage from your phone. So if you’re expecting a delivery but there’s nobody home to receive it, you can speak through the doorbell to leave instructions. Smart doorbells can also use retina, finger-print or even facial recognition, making scrambling for your keys a thing of the past.

Smart light bulbs

Light bulbs that sense the sound or time of day to adjust their brightness or even colour, are perhaps more in the cosmetic camp than other utilisations, but they can be useful for security to create the appearance of a house in use whilst you’re not there.

Smart heating

From the likes of Nest or Hive, you can control your heating on the move, take efforts to reduce energy consumption, and switch the heating on just before you get back in from a late wintry night out.

Smart lawnmowers

Smart lawnmowers were always going to be coming hot on the heels of the smart vacuum. Mapping your lawn, they keep the grass at the exact length you want it, all year round – you just have to remember to keep it charged.

Smart shower

Did you want to streamline getting ready for the day ahead and buy yourself some extra seconds in bed? Then you might benefit from the smart shower U by Moen. Voice, phone or controller activated, this device will create a personalised shower experience.