Top Garden Festival Ideas for summer


If you didn’t manage to get your hands on any festival tickets this year, why not bring the festival into your home. Staying at home this summer has never been so desirable with these top garden festival ideas.

Create festival-worthy entertainment

As anyone knows, music plays a major part of any festival, especially at the likes of Glastonbury. So creating some fun entertainment for your guests is key. Perhaps find a live band to perform all the greatest hits or create a top festival playlist. If you’re rushing to get things organised, Spotify has already done the work for you. Simply press play to create that ultimate festival atmosphere.

Plan an exciting menu

We all know how to throw a classic British BBQ. But to make this a true garden festival, plan an exciting menu that your guests will love. Take inspiration from some of the biggest festivals and have a smorgasbord of interesting food. From around-the-world street food to classic cocktails, creating a top buffet for guests is a sure way to having the best at-home festival.

Add some ‘chill out’ spots

Another top DIY festival idea is to add some ‘chill out’ spots in your garden. Your guests will love stealing away to these shady areas, especially in the height of summer. Or if the weather takes a turn for the worst, these will be a much needed sanctuary. Find some shabby chic tipis, tents and fairy lights to create that true festival feeling.

Light up the garden

Lighting is essential for any garden party, not only for when the evening comes but also for creating that festival feel. Hang up a string of outdoor lights or alternatively reuse glass jars and pots by filling them with fairy lights. Combining different styles creates a charming atmosphere, perfect for your garden festival.

Keep the memories

Create life-long memories at your garden festival with this handy tip. Leave out a camera, find some fun props and put together your own photo booth. This is a great way to entertain your guests and give them something they can cherish forever.