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Giving a new home a vintage feel

May 04, 2018
Giving a new home a vintage feel

If you’re a fan of all things vintage, you don’t have to sacrifice your trademark retro vibe when moving into a new build home.

Although a brand-new home doesn’t come with years and years of history behind it, there are plenty of ways to incorporate times gone by into your new place. Here’s how to inject some vintage charm into your new build home.

Put your ornaments in pride of place

If you’re already a vintage enthusiast, it’s likely you already have plenty of trinkets and ornaments.When moving to a new home, make sure they have pride of place, whether that’s on shelves, furniture or hung on the walls, and ensure each part of the house represents the type of home you’re trying to create.

Create lots of cosy nooks

One of the most effective ways to bring a vintage feel into your new build home is by creating little nooks - whether that’s a small reading space in the living room or a writing desk in the bedroom - which can be decorated with retro fabrics and furnishings.Don’t forget to incorporate some clever lighting too, with lamps, candles and night lights.

Choose vintage style fabrics for soft furnishings

When choosing your curtains, duvet covers and scatter cushions, opt for fabrics with a retro feel.If you don’t want to get second-hand furnishings, there are plenty of high street and designer shops where you can find new products with vintage-inspired patterns.

Adopt a traditional colour palette

Whether you choose to paint your walls or cover them with wallpaper, you’ll need to adopt a certain colour palette to really give your home a classic feel.Avoid bright hues, instead opting for easy-to-live-with shades of green, yellow or blue, steering clear of anything too bold or jarring.

Think about retro fittings

Another nice touch to consider is replacing any standard light or plug fittings with rustic materials such as brass.Solid brass not only looks like it has been installed for a long time, especially if done tastefully, but it’ll also last a long time as the material avoids the wear and tear of other less durable fitting types.

Go shopping for retro appliances

Just like fabrics, there are lots of retro-style appliances such as kettles and toasters available to buy new, bringing a vintage feel into your home without compromising on modern technology.Instead of settling for bog-standard appliances, find ones that look like they belong in decades gone by.

Try your hand at upcycling

A great way to introduce vintage into your new home is by upcycling old furniture into something new and useful.There are plenty of ways to get creative with pre-loved furniture such as drawers, tables and chairs,

Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match

If you’re opting for a vintage feel to your new home, don’t get too preoccupied with recreating a certain look.Clashing colours and patterns can be very effective in creating a unique and eclectic style, so don’t be afraid to embrace the mix-and-match approach. Go wild!