How to hit the ground running in your new home

Aug 18, 2017
Moving with a toddler
Once your unpacking is finally complete and the keys are handed over, it’s time to get settled into your new home. It’ll seem difficult at first after the challenge of moving all your belongings, but thankfully there are lots of things you can do to prepare in advance so that you hit the ground running.
  Here’s a checklist to help you settle in your new home:  

Get rid of unwanted possessions before you move

Get rid of unwanted possessionsWe can be guilty of hoarding books, clothes, unwanted gifts and other possessions, but moving house is the ideal opportunity to get organised once and for all. To minimise the amount of clutter in your new home, take some time to go through your possessions before you move, and be honest about what you really want or need.

Unwanted items can be donated to charity, sold online or at car boot sales. If you’re serious about decluttering, take a look at Marie Kondo’s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or spend some time getting to know The Minimalists.

Label your boxes, room-by-room

Label boxes by room

Labelled boxes make life much easier when you are on the move. When your removals team arrive at the new house, make sure they put the right boxes in the right room, so everything is in the correct place from the get-go.

Assemble a team of helpers

Assemble a team of helpers

To make sure you are unpacked and settled in as quickly as possible, find family and friends who want to help. Whether they’re assembling furniture, arranging cupboards or simply entertaining the kids, a little help can really go a long way, especially if you’re feeling stressed and anxious during this hectic period.

Clean the house thoroughly before you move in

Clean the house before you move in

If you get the keys prior to your move in day, visit your new home and clean it thoroughly so it’s ready for you to move into. Do this at least a week before your scheduled move in date so that you are not in a rush. You won’t need to do this if you are moving into a new build as it will be handed over in pristine condition, however it’s a good idea if you are moving into an older home.

Get to know the local area

Get to know the local area

If you’re moving to a completely new area, it’s worth taking a few day trips before you move. Spend time exploring on foot to scope out local shops, supermarkets, schools and more, so you know your way around as soon as you move in.

Make sure the kettle is to hand

Keep the kettle handy

Whether you’re unpacking, redecorating or putting furniture together, never underestimate the power of a brew – especially when you find yourself in the middle of lots of overflowing boxes. So, when you’re packing, make sure you clearly mark which box the kettle is in, so it can be unpacked as soon as you move in.

Remember bedding and window dressings

Remember the bedding

Not only is moving home thirsty work, you’ll probably also be tired too after a long day packing, unpacking and organising your belongings. To get off to a good start in your new home, make sure you have bedding on hand so that your first night is a comfortable one. If there are no curtains in your new home, plan ahead so that you have something to keep out the light once you finally go to bed.

Make sure you have all the new home essentials with our handy guide.

Deal with post from previous owners

Deal with old post

Legally you’re not allowed to open someone else’s post. If you don’t have a forwarding address provided by the previous owner, you should mark it as ‘return to sender’ and post it back.

Make sure you are registered to vote at your new address

Register to vote

You will most likely be registered to vote as being registered helps your credit history when applying for a mortgage. When you’ve moved home you need to change re-register so that your details, including address, are up to date. In England, Scotland and Wales you can do that online.