How to give your home a summery feel

Jul 17, 2019
How to give your home a summery feel

Bring the sunshine into your home this summer with these top interior design trends, and give your home a year-long summer feel.


If your style centres around the phrase 'more is more', then this summer interior trend is for you. Add splashes of colour with colourful art prints, cushions, sofas and rugs to instantly get that summer feel.

If you're slightly afraid of too much colour, display a few small accessories and textures to add just a pop of colour. By putting slightly mismatched trinkets together, it creates a space that sparks joy and fond memories.

Single colours

Maximalism isn't for everyone, so adopting just one colour and designing a room around it could be a better option. This trend is all about creating depths of space and optimising certain areas of your home. Picking key colours such as white, grey or taupe can help to create an elegant and cool feel this summer.

Bring the summer indoors

The houseplant trend is here to stay so giving your home a summery feel cannot be done without a palm or two. Plants help to create a sense of well-being and can help to purify the air so adding them into your home this summer is essential. Palms, Peace Lily's and orchids are just a few plants that could be added into your home, to help bring the summer indoors.

If you decide to add some green friends into your bathroom, there are a few things to consider. Low light, humidity and fluctuating temperatures can drastically affect which plants you put in your bathroom. Also every bathroom is different, so taking the time to find out which plants work best is essential.

White furnishings

For a year-long summer feel, introduce white wood into your home. This summer interior design trend is all about bringing light and airy colours into the home. White wood does this incredibly well and is sure to keep your home feeling and looking summery all year round. It's also an extremely versatile material that works very well with bold and bright colours, textures and materials.

If changing your flooring doesn't appeal to you, add in some white side tables or sideboards for an effortless summer style.

Swap out heavy textures

If you haven't already swapped over your winter duvet for your summer duvet, now may be the time to introduce new textures. Swap thicker, heavy knitted blankets for lighter and softer ones that add colour and texture to any room. Opt for a linen bedsheet as this will allow you to breathe easily when the hot nights arrive.

Perhaps change heavy curtains for lighter, sheer curtains that let in the summer light. Or opt for Venetian blinds to control the amount of light you can let in. They also add another element of texture to your room.