The meaning of interior design colours in your home

Dec 18, 2018
The meaning of interior design colours in your home
Colour is incredibly powerful. It makes the world the beautiful place it is, can make you feel certain emotions and can even trigger specific memories. Everyone has their own favourite colour for varied reasons, adding to each other’s individuality, and these can be used as a form of expression in many ways. Whether it’s through clothes, accessories or anywhere you can splash a bit of your personality.
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But one of the best ways to express yourself with colour is through the decoration of your home. After all, your home is your space, your sanctuary and your blank canvas. It can be tailored to reflect you and your family, making it a happy and comforting place.

But while you may want to paint every single wall your favourite shades, it’s worth thinking about how this will change the atmosphere and feel of your home. Not only for you, but for those who visit.

The meaning of different colours

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There are many meanings behind different colours. Many often link them to temperatures, with colours such as reds and oranges being considered warm, and blues and purples being considered cold. But it doesn’t stop there, as colours are also often linked to different personality traits and emotions.

Colours can change how we feel and make us perform certain actions. For instance, the universal colour for ‘Stop’ or ‘Danger’ is red for a reason, not because it was someone’s favourite. So, if you’re thinking of painting a room, it might be worth thinking how you want the room to make people feel. Below is a guide to colours and their positive emotional links:

Red: Courage, passionate, and romantic.

Yellow: Happiness, intellect, and joy

Green: Friendly, welcoming and peaceful

Blue: Calm, health and tranquillity

Purple: Peaceful, romantic and nostalgic

Orange: Exciting, stimulating and playful

Pink: Innocence, nurture and love

Black: Powerful, secure and sophisticated

White: Clean, simplistic and healthy

Brown: Sturdy, reliable and supportive

Using colours to keep your interior design on trend

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Of course, colour doesn’t have to be all about how it makes you feel. There are trends when it comes to colour – relevant in both fashion and interior design. In fact, colour trends are so significant that many paint brands even bring out a ‘Colour of the Year’.

Dulux have just revealed that for 2019 their Colour of the Year is ‘Spiced Honey’. According to the paint brand: “Spiced Honey is a warm amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself. Spiced Honey can be soothing or calming, cosy or vibrant, depending on the palette your pair it with.”

Different colours for different seasons

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If you aren’t interested in following trends, you might like the idea of using colour to represent seasons in your home. For spring/summer interior design hues think bright, fresh colours such as yellow, pale blue and pink shades, and for autumn/winter interior design inspiration, deeper shades and tones such as plum, dark blue and auburn can make a home feel warmer.