Moving House: Living in areas with parks and green spaces

Sep 19, 2017
Moving House: Living in areas with parks and green spaces
For many people, their search for a new home involves an extensive list of priorities. The location is arguably the most important factor, but it’s also important to consider other elements, such as local green spaces like parks and countryside, that’ll mean your neighbourhood is pleasant to live in.
Here, we outline what you should look for when buying a house and have decided that a green neighbourhood is right for you and your family.

Things to consider when it comes to green spaces

Things to consider

Do you dream of living a stone’s throw from a park? Would you like to wake up, look out of your window and see nothing but open countryside? If this is the case, it’s worth considering that properties close to green spaces can cost considerably more. According to Land Registry data, they can add up to £65,000 to the value of a home[1].

Fresh air and fun

Fresh air and fun

If you enjoy getting out and about, whether that’s by cycling, walking, jogging or a combination of all three, living close to a place of natural beauty can be a huge bonus. If you have a park on your doorstep, you may feel that the size of your garden is less important, so could be more open to compromise than you would be otherwise. Living near green spaces gives you opportunities to socialise and is becoming increasingly important to families with young children and those with pets, especially dog owners.

If you overlook a children’s play area you may have to forego your weekend lie ins, but if you have children yourself, this might not bother you. Parking can be an issue in the streets around green spaces at peak times, but if your new home has a drive and/or resident permit parking, this won’t impact on you. Before placing an offer on a property, it’s worth visiting at different times of the day and night to see what goes on and chat to your would-be neighbours.

It’s good for your mind too

It's good for your mind too

Research by the University of Exeter Medical School has revealed that living near green spaces in town and cities can boost your mental well-being in the long term, as well as the short term.

The university gathered data from over 1,000 participants over five years, and, together with data from the British Household Panel Survey and questionnaires, found that on average, those who moved to greener areas had “significant and long-lasting improvements in mental health.[2]” They found that on average, those who moved to more built up areas suffered a temporary decline in their mental health.

When searching for a home, you should consider new housing development. Many include green spaces, with builders recognising the huge benefits they can have not only on a personal level but to the wider community. Your home isn’t just the property you live in, it’s the surrounding area too, so there should be places to walk, enjoy a picnic and forget about the stresses of modern life close by.