Oodles of doodles help families stay happy at home during lockdown

Apr 09, 2020
Oodles of Doodles for a Happy Family

We are offering families in fresh inspiration to keep their children entertained during lockdown whilst encouraging them to get creative with tips from social media sensation The Doodle Boy.

Joe Whale, age 10 from Shrewsbury was always getting into trouble for doodling at school so his parents booked him into an art class where his talent was uncovered.

After his teacher posted photographs of Joe’s sketch books on Instagram, they caught the eye of a local restaurant who then asked him to decorate their walls with his doodles.

Joe said: “When I draw it makes me happy and if I have any worries they just fade away. I’m concentrating so much on my doodles that I forget all about them. It’s a great way for other children to do the same and forget about the what’s going on outside.”

Whilst letting the kids wild on your walls with a marker pen might be a lockdown treat too far, there are ways to turn a simple doodle into a truly personalised family work of art and keep everyone upbeat in the process. Joe’s tips are:


If it’s permanent art that you want, just choose a permanent marker, any colour, and a place to start.

If you only want the doodle on the wall for a while, then place large sheets of paper on the wall, securing with masking tape and then start drawing. They can be framed or disposed of afterwards with ease, keep the walls pristine in the process.

Make sure that all furniture is out of the way and any wires are unplugged from the wall ensuring that it’s safe for both you and your children to draw on the wall.

The process

Using your wildest imagination, draw to your heart’s delight, whether that be characters, wildlife or fantasies, doodle anything to brighten up your day.

Joe’s top tip is to never give up, he said: “If you get stuck, look at your surroundings for inspiration and then you’ll be able to carry on.

“Never look at things as mistakes, if something isn’t right just incorporate it into something else. There are no mistakes in art, just interpretation.”

The finished product

Marvel at the artwork that you and your little ones have created and invite others to enjoy the works by sharing on social media.  Remember engaging in art can help to protect against a range of mental health conditions, research from University College London suggests that participating in arts help children to manage anxiety and aggression as well as self-esteem[1].

To find out more about Joe visit or find him on all social media platforms by searching The Doodle Boy.