Spring cleaning your home

Feb 21, 2019
Spring cleaning your home

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes with cleaning your home from top to bottom. The smell, the comfort and calmness it brings, makes the hard work that goes into it worth it. And when you truly love your home, you want nothing more than for it to look its best.

Woman hoovering thick carpet with sun shining through the window
It might be a surprise to some, but cleaning has actually become fashionable. Thanks to Instagram and cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch (full name Sophie Hinchcliffe), dusting, scrubbing and hoovering has become something that people not only thoroughly enjoy doing, but also love talking about. Mrs Hinch’s Instagram account has become so popular that, the act of ‘Hinching’ has made the Urban Dictionary:

"Hinching is the act of cleaning. In particular, thorough or obsessive cleaning. The online community is now toppling 1 million members and is causing UK nationwide cleaning product storages and sell outs.”

Picture of cleaning tap in sink with green sponge, yellow rubber gloves and cleaning spray

Not only does the account feature highly amusing daily Instagram Stories, but also extremely valuable tips and tricks. Did you know a degreaser and an electric toothbrush make the perfect combination for getting food mess off the floor?!

Aside from Mrs Hinch, there are so many great cleaning tips and products available today, that it can sometimes become a little overwhelming knowing what to use where and when.

Despite the wide range of options, it’s important not to forget that classic cleaning hacks are often the most effective. So ahead of your big spring clean, here’s our list of the top traditional cleaning tips for your home:

Using white wine to remove a red wine stain

It might seem a little daunting adding additional wine to an already bad spillage, but this trick works wonders. This is due to ingredients in white wine, which have the ability to dissolve the pigment in red wine.

Make your own window & mirror cleaner

Streak free mirrors and windows are something we all dream of, and with this homemade concoction of household products, it’s easy to achieve. Simply mix 1 ½ cups of water, 1 ½ tablespoons of white vinegar, 1 ½ tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and 3 drops peppermint essential oil into a spray bottle. Then rub away with a lint-free cloth.

How to get clean shiny windows

Baking soda – the versatile product every cleaning lover needs

You’re probably familiar with using it in your cakes, but did you know baking soda makes an incredible cleaning product? And even better, it’s extremely versatile! You can use it to clean any surface that you normally would with a cream cleaner, use it to clean bathrooms, de-grease your oven door, remove stains from mugs, freshen up rugs and carpets, and remove any smells from a sofa. Here’s some directions on how to do so.

Photograph of cleaning supplies that include a sponge, bowl, lemon, bottle of water, and a plate of baking soda

Vinegar is the secret to shiny showers

You’ve probably got it in your cupboard  waiting to be drizzled on some chips, but did you know white vinegar makes the perfect descaler for your shower? Simply fill a plastic bag full of vinegar, then place it round your shower head using an elastic band. Leave it for a few hours, then when you return, scrub off any residue with a tooth brush. Your bathroom will soon be gleaming.

Picture of shower head spraying water in modern bathroom with tiles in the background

Use lemon as a natural laundry whitener

To achieve perfect white sheets an old trick is to use lemon juice. Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a bowl or bucket of hot water and place your items in to soak for around two hours. Then, run through a rinse cycle and leave in the sun to dry.

So, grab your supplies and enjoy your spring clean.

Pure white clean towels and bed linen