DIY, decor, cleaning and gardening hacks

Jan 04, 2020
Top 10 Creative Hacks To Improve Your Home
Whether you’ve been in your home a matter of weeks, months or even years, you’ll appreciate these handy home hacks as they'll save you both time and money. From DIY and cleaning tips, to decorating and gardening hacks – read on for our pick of the best.

DIY hacks

1. If you have a piece of IKEA furniture in your home that you don’t use, why not repurpose it? The IKEA Hackers website has plenty of ingenious ideas. For instance, they have sixteen different ways you can use a LACK table – it works as a stool, a noticeboard, a headboard, a child’s play table or a storage box.

2. If you're struggling to hang a painting straight, download a spirit level app – such as Bubble Level – onto your phone. Once you have the app open, simply hold your phone in line with the painting and Bubble Level will tell you if it's straight.


3. If you're struggling to find space for books, ornaments or trinkets, why not try an 'over-the-door' shelf? This handy shelf can help to maximise your space whilst also decluttering your room. All you need is a plank of wood and some shelf brackets.

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Decorating hacks

1. When wallpapering your home, take the wallpaper out of its roll a few days before you hang it and re-roll it the opposite way. This will make it flatter and easier to hang.

2. For an alternative to regular coat hangers, screw vintage doorknobs to the wall in your hallway. They don't all have to match, that's part of the charm.

3. To amplify light and space in small areas of your home, hang mirrors behind lamps or spotlights. This trick will make narrow hallways and small bedrooms seem bigger and brighter.

4. Use a wooden ladder to hang towels in your bathroom. Not only will this save space, it's easy on your wallet too. Scour your local car boot sale or vintage furniture shop and you're likely to hit the jackpot.

5. Make the most of empty spaces in hallways or corners by installing slim bookshelves. This is a big space saver.

6. If you're looking to update the look of your kitchen cabinets without spending a lot of time and money, try changing the doorknobs. You can also use this trick on drawers, wardrobes and doors.

7. Recycle old teapots as flower vases and use jam jars as candle holders. Not only does this create an artisan look in your home, it's more sustainable than buying something brand new.

8. Transform the look of a room by creating your own wall art. Paint a simple abstract design to match your room’s colour scheme. Or if you're really artistic, design and paint something bespoke.

9. After you’ve painted a room, slice an onion and leave one half at each end of the room. The onion will neutralise the paint fumes so you won’t have to wait days for the paint smell to go.

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Cleaning hacks

1. Do you have lots of untidy wires around your home? Use a kitchen roll tube to thread the wires neatly through the tube and in a matter of seconds you'll have a much neater space.

2. To get rid of grease stains on your carpet, apply some corn flour and let it work for 15 – 20 minutes before you hoover it up. Wipe the carpet with a damp cloth and your stains should have disappeared. If not, repeat the process.

3. Trying to clean a dirty vase that’s too narrow to fit your hand can be a struggle. Simply fill with water and add an indigestion relief tablet. Leave for a few minutes before shaking and then rinse. Your vase will be left looking brand new and sparkling.

Garden hacks

1. If you're after eco-friendly planters, make biodegradable pots from toilet roll tubes that have been folded at the bottom.

2. Looking for a trellis for your garden? Tie a series of twigs together with wire. It might take you a while but the end result will look great.

3. If you're looking to label your plants, paint the names on broken pots or roof tiles. Not only will the signs be super useful, they’ll survive in all weathers.

4. For a cost effective and easy to make watering can, cut holes in the lid of a plastic milk carton.

5. To deter pesky slugs from your plants, place egg shells in your flower beds. This is a gentle and environmentally friendly way of keeping slugs at bay.

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Follow these tips to help create your perfect home and garden without parting with too much cash.

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