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Top Interior Design Instagram Accounts To Follow

Dec 21, 2018
Top Interior Design Instagram Accounts To Follow
Decorating can be an incredibly exciting time. It gives you a chance to put your stamp on your house, and turn it into a home which you feel comfortable living in.
Decorating can also provide the opportunity to express yourself, whether it is through colours, textures, artwork or the items you choose to fill each room. You might be the sort of person that knows their textures and patterns and embrace designing your home; it might also feel a little daunting with a new build home serving as your blank canvas, especially if you’ve never paid much attention to interior design before. You might consider hiring a professional; however, this can be very costly and takes away the personal element and excitement of decorating yourself.

Whether you’re confident with interior design or not, it’ always a good idea to do some research before delving into a decorating project, to see what you think would work in your home. Luckily, there are many places you can go to seek out that perfect interior design touch.

colourful fabric samples

One of our favourite places to head on a hunt for interior design inspiration is Instagram, so here are a few accounts we recommend you check out:

Mrs Hinch Home

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A post shared by Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome) on

An excellent account if you are into grey tones and being consistent throughout each room in your home. Mrs Hinch has glamorous interiors taste and loves each room looking clean and chic. Expect candles, silverware and cosy throws. As well as interiors, Mrs Hinch also shares fantastic cleaning tips daily, which are loved by her loyal fans, the #HinchArmy.

Mad About the House

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A post shared by Kate Watson-Smyth (@mad_about_the_house) on

Voted in the top 10 interior accounts by Vogue magazine, Mad About The House is great for those interested in dark tones throughout the home. Think navy, deep purples and greens. The owner of the account, Kate Watson-Smyth is also a fan of plants and flowers and this is a consistent theme throughout her page. It is unique and quirky, but you might find something which is of interest to you.

Little Big Bell

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A post shared by Geraldine Tan (@littlebigbell) on

If you’re a fan of colour, then you’ll love Geraldine Tan’s interiors. She has transformed her London home into a playful showcase of her favourite things. Her house is immaculate looking with pops of colour throughout, and this is demonstrated through beautiful photography. We can see why the Evening Standard voted her account as one of the top 5 London interior blogs.

Anna Spiro

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A post shared by Anna Spiro (@annaspiro) on

Full of delightful florals and patterns, the account of Interior Designer Anna Spiro is one to follow. She hints at vintage décor but keeps consistent with unique textiles and prints, as well as documentation of stunning interiors she comes across on her travels. This account might inspire you to think outside of the box when giving your home a make-over.

These Four Walls

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A post shared by Abi Dare | These Four Walls (@thesefourwallsblog) on

There’s something so simplistically beautiful about monochrome interior design, and Abi Dare captures this perfectly on her account These Four Walls. She has styled her home to look fresh and light, making it appear inviting and calm while being contemporary at the same time. If this is the vibe you want to give off in your home, then definitely take a look at her profile.

While these are some of our favourite profiles to follow, there are many other ways you can get a bit of interior design inspiration from Instagram. Search the hashtags #InteriorDesign and #HomesOfInstagram to discover more ideas for your home.