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Things to consider when relocating home

Jul 26, 2017
Things to consider when relocating home
We've listed some of the key considerations for when you are looking to relocate home

Choosing a new home is a major decision, and you’ll need to consider size, budget, layout, the type of building and more. But if you’re relocating, then choosing a whole new area can be an even bigger task.

We’re all a lot more mobile these days, since so many of us work from a number of different locations in our careers. But if you’re considering relocating then here are some important things to consider:

What will you lose?

It’s very easy to get excited about the things you will gain by moving – a new job, for example, or maybe to be closer to a partner. However, it’s equally important to consider what you’re going to miss; will you lose proximity to family and your network of friends?

Will you be moving away from places and resources you love and use? Will you miss a social club or sporting group or even just access to a really good museum or library?

None of those things are insurmountable but they do need some thought. How will you replace those in your new location? Can you join clubs? Hire babysitters? How much will it cost you to travel back and visit family?

If you don’t plan to compensate for these losses then you will feel them once you have moved, and they could stop you being happy in your new location and home.

How do your family feel?

Relocating will affect your entire family so you will need to consider whether your partner – and potentially your children – will be happy with the move. It’s essential to have these conversations early on in the decision-making process.

Don’t move and then discover your loved ones didn’t want to – talk about how you can make it work for everyone.

What is the local area like?

When relocating, one of the key considerations you will have is what the area you are moving to is like. It’s important to research carefully the area that could eventually be your new home. If you relocate to a Barratt home, our expert team of advisers are on hand to share their local knowledge, and help you find your ideal home. They will be fully briefed on the local area, and will often live nearby themselves. They’ll also be able to share with you places to go, information on local schools and catchment areas, where the local doctors are, and more.

Who will cover the expenses?

Relocating isn’t cheap; it’s simply more expensive to move a longer distance. If you’re thinking about relocating, then you need to consider how you’ll afford the move. Will your employer subsidise the cost and will that be enough?

If you need to travel backwards and forwards repeatedly to view homes for sale then that can add substantially to the cost. That’s why a new build home can save you days of travel; you can choose the area you want to live in and view a variety of different homes on the same estate.

New build or existing home?

Whether you’re changing locations or buying a home in an area you already know well, a key question is whether to buy an existing property or a newly built home.

There are the usual factors to consider when making that decision – whether you want to buy a house that needs work or move into a new one decorated to your specification; or whether you prefer all-new appliances with guarantees and whether you simply prefer a brand new home. Your financial circumstances may also determine whether you opt for a new build over an existing home. Some schemes, such as the government backed help to buy equity loan scheme are only available when buying a new build home.

Not only that but buying a new build means you’re not caught up in a chain of sellers. When you’re moving your entire life from one part of the country to another, you need to have some control over the dates so you can arrange school starts, removal services, continuity of any medical care, and avoiding a chain provides additional peace of mind.

By buying a new build you have far greater control over when you actually make the move, and when you buy with Barratt our dedicated services team can help you at every stage of the purchase journey.

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