Transforming Rooms Dark to Light

Jun 29, 2023
Transforming rooms dark to light
Utilising natural light is one of the best ways to make a room look brighter within the home. There are plenty of ways to achieve this, from purchasing light-coloured accessories to moving furniture around. Looking for some tips? Stacey Berkeley, Sales Director of Barratt Homes Sheffield, shares their top six ways to lighten up a darker room.

1. Analyse natural light within your home

As you analyse your home, look for where the light filters in throughout the day. Your home’s position will determine how much sunlight you get and when; an east-facing house gets the most sunlight during sunrise, while a western-facing home gets the sun as it sets. 
Make a note of which rooms are darkest, then buy reflective furniture like mirrored drawers and place them in hallways and darker rooms to create a constant light flow. You could even add a mirror at one end of the hallway to reflect light that bounces in from a window. 

2. Use light colours for curtains

Dark curtains block natural light, so we suggest choosing tones such as beiges, whites, and taupes instead. Breathable and lightweight, linen and cotton allow natural light to easily pass through, creating an airy atmosphere.

3. Paint light colours on walls and ceilings

Painting light and pastel tones on walls and ceilings will allow light to bounce. Use a glossy or semi-glossy paint finish, as these reflect light better than a matte finish.  For optimum brightness, add a vertical mirror to reflect existing light into the space. To add light to flooring, you can stain the floors if they are laminate, or you can add a bright coloured rug to lift dark flooring. 

4. Use environmentally friendly artificial light 

Some rooms may not get enough natural light, in which case you can brighten things up with artificial lighting. Energy-efficient light bulbs are cheaper to run and better for the environment, making them a fantastic option, while fairy lights can add a cosy touch to bedrooms. Adding to this, use layer lighting with lamps and ceiling lights. 

5. Bring life into corners with plants

It’s easy to discard room corners, leaving them cluttered or completely bare. Adding indoor plants is a simple fix, helping to create light, improve air quality, and add interest.   Make sure you choose the correct indoor plants for your home. 

6. Don’t forget about accessories

If purchasing a new sofa isn’t an option, choose accessories to help your sofa stand out. A dark sofa can dull an entire room, but simply adding light cushions and pillows will help restore some light.